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Crossing Borders International Preschool, Houston:
Are you searching for Mandarin Chinese classes in Houston for your child? Situated in Rice Village in south-central Houston (close to Downtown), Crossing Borders provides a range of quality Mandarin language classes, immersion preschool programs, and summer camps for toddlers and kids ages 3-5.

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Why Learn Mandarin Chinese with Crossing Borders?

Photo of Chinese Language Preschool Classes in Houston• Did you know that more than a billion people in the world speak Mandarin? Advance your child's future by teaching them Chinese! At Crossing Borders, children learn Mandarin naturally through fun and engaging music, games, and activities.

• Chinese culture and traditions are also covered. Using age-appropriate learning materials and teaching methods, our classes are taught by professional and experienced native Chinese speakers.

• Our holistic methods teach Mandarin Chinese in a cultural context, which makes the language come alive for young learners.

• It is clear that being bilingual is a huge advantage in today's world, and we also know that starting to learn a new language at a very young age has lots of benefits. Helping your child become to learn Mandarin Chinese will give them a step up from their peers and increase their confidence.

Studies have shown that children who learn a second language at a young age have
• Enhanced mental development
• Higher math, problem solving, and testing scores
• Enhanced ability to communicate with others
• Improved understanding of one's own native language
• Opened doors to other cultures
• Increased job opportunities

Mandarin Chinese Classes for Kids & Toddlers:

• Preschool Chinese Immersion Classes (for potty trained 3 year olds)

• Pre-Kindergarten Chinese Immersion Program (for kids ages 4-5)

• Mandarin Chinese Summer Camp for Kids (3-5 years)
We also provide language immersion classes for kids in Spanish, French, and English.

Parent Reviews / Testimonials:
•  “Crossing Borders teachers are great and very friendly. My daughter Alisha has been in this school since 2012 learning Mandarin and English and she’s learning a lot every day. I recommend all parents to bring their child to Crossing Borders”.

•  “Ms. Amy’s Mandarin class is the best. Very patient and loving with the children. My son listens to no one but her. His Mandarin is all thanks to her great teaching. She is also very responsive and nice to our suggestions and questions. I recommended all my friends to put their children with her if they want their children to learn Chinese.”

•  "We've just been so happy with Sophia's Chinese class and Maria -- and just generally the whole experience...We love you guys."
Zak & Andrea

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