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Chinese Lessons for Kids / Teens

Examples of schools & colleges in this education category:
New York City, New York, USA
Hills Learning, Manhattan - - Mandarin Chinese programs for kids, teens and adults all year round - Private Mandarin Chinese lessons - Online Chinese classes - 2-4 week summer program for elementary school kids (ages 5-12) that combines Mandarin Chinese classes with an interactive Chess program. - We also provide English, Japanese and Korean language programs Hills Learning offers programs year...
Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
ABC Languages NJ - One-on-One / Private Mandarin Chinese Classes for Kids & Teens: For children ages 5+ from Basic beginner to advanced levels • Private or at-home Chinese tutoring • Chinese enrichment & homework help • After-school Chinese program We also provide private Mandarin Chinese language classes for adults Further Foreign Languages:...
San Francisco, California, USA
ABC Languages, San Francisco & Bay Area - Mandarin Chinese classes for kids & teens: • Group Chinese lessons  • Private or At-Home Chinese Tutoring • After-School Chinese programs • Chinese classes for schools • Enrichment & homework help Mandarin Chinese classes for adults: • Group Chinese classes for beginners to advanced • Chinese conversation...
Spring, Texas, USA
Crossing Borders, Houston North Area - Chinese Language Programs: • Mandarin Chinese for Babies (6 months-12 months) • Mommy & Me classes (18 months-3 years) • Mandarin Chinese preschool program (18 months-5 years) • Dual immersion preschool - Mandarin / English (18 months-5 years) • Mandarin Chinese classes for kids & teens • Mandarin Chinese after-school...
Washington, Dist of Columbia, USA
Language Classes Ad Opportunity here - Mandarin Chinese Immersion Programs: • Parents and Tots programs for kids ages 1-3 • Mandarin for kids ages 3-12 (Kids Only) • Private / One-on-one Mandarin lessons • Mandarin immersion summer camps
New York City, New York, USA
ABC Languages, Manhattan - Mandarin Chinese Classes for Kids & Teens: - Group Chinese language classes for K-12 kids - Private Chinese lessons / one-to-one tutoring for kids & teenagers - After-school Chinese programs for elementary, middle & high school - High school study assistance - We also work with schools who wish to offer a Chinese language program as part of...
Shenzhen, China
Hanbridge Mandarin, Shenzhen & Chengdu - Chinese courses for children & teenagers: • Private Chinese lessons for children & teenagers • Online Chinese courses for children and teenagers in Shenzhen and globally • AP Chinese language and culture course • HSK exam preparation • Chinese summer camp (for ages 8-25 and their families)
London, England, UK & England
Hua Hsia Chinese School, North London - Chinese Immersion Classes in North London: • Nursery Chinese Classes (For kids aged 3-5 years) • Foundation Chinese (aged 4-5) • Year 1 Chinese (aged 5-6) • Year 2 & 3 Chinese (aged 6-8) • Year 4 Chinese (aged 8-10) • Year 5 & 6 Chinese (aged 10-11) • Pre-GCSE Chinese Classes (aged 11-12) • 5-day Chinese Easter Camps • Chinese Summer...
Houston, Texas, USA
Crossing Borders International Preschool, Houston - Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Classes for Kids: • Preschool Chinese Immersion Classes (for potty trained kids 3+) • Pre-Kindergarten Chinese Immersion Program (for kids ages 4-5) • Mandarin Chinese Summer Camp for Kids (3-5 years) We also provide language immersion classes for kids in Spanish, French, and English.
Singapore, Singapore
Spring College International - Beginner to Advanced Level Chinese Courses for Children: - Chinese Preparation Course for K1/K2 - Chinese Enrichment/Tuition Course for Primary Students (Primary 1-5) - Chinese Tuition for Primary 6 - Chinese Comprehension & Writing Course for Secondary Students (Secondary 1-3) - Chinese GCE 'O' Level Course for Secondary 4 - P2 to P6 Chinese Tuition Course...
Shanghai, China
Mandarin Course in Shanghai - Chinese Anytime offers you ultimate flexibility in time and location. You can study Mandarin Garden Online Chinese whenever and wherever you want: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both the face-to-face courses and the E-learning courses follow the same curriculum.
Essex County, New Jersey, USA
Happy Mandarin Club - Beginner to Advanced Level Mandarin Chinese Classes (Pre-K to Adult) - In Person / Private Chinese lessons (weekday & weekend study options) - Chinese Test Preparation (HSK Exam & SAT Chinese) - After-school enrichment programs at local public schools - Online Mandarin classes (maximum 3 per lesson, conducted via WebEx)
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Lotus Chinese Learning - Chinese Language Learning Classes: - For children and adults at beginner to advanced levels - Little Lotus Chinese Classes (Preschool and Kindergarten) - Junior Explorers Chinese Classes (Elementary) - Young Diplomats Chinese Classes (Middle and High School) - Private / One-on-One Chinese lessons - Small Group Chinese classes - At-home Chinese lessons - Chinese...
Austin, Texas, USA
Cool Panda | Mandarin Chinese Classes for Kids in Austin, Texas - Mandarin Chinese Classes At Home: - For children ages 2-6 - We bring Cool Panda classes to your home or chosen location Mandarin Chinese Classes At School: - For children ages 2-6 - Private preschool - Montessori - Learning center - Church programs
Manhattan, New York, USA
China Institute, New York - - Intensive Mandarin Chinese Programs for preschool, kindergarten, elementary and high school children - China Institute Summer Language Academy with Scholarships for high school students - Summer programs for 3-7 year olds - Seven-week Intensive Chinese language program in Beijing, China
Orange County, New York, USA
The Orange County Chinese School, Hudson Valley NY - Chinese Language Programs for Children & Adults: - We offer group lessons in Mandarin Chinese, beginner through advanced levels. Our small group classes focus on practical, spoken Mandarin you may use socially, for work or for travel. - Mandarin Chinese programs from beginner to advanced levels - Interactive Chinese for Beginners - Intensive Chinese Courses -...
Tampa, Florida, USA
Longmen Chinese Language Center, Tampa - Professional & Quality Mandarin Chinese Langauge Classes: - General Mandarin Chinese classes for kids, teens, adults - Private Mandarin Chinese lessons for beginner, intermediate, advanced students - Small group Mandarin Chinese classes - In-home Chinese tutoring - Chinese Conversation classes - Chinese test preparation for AP Chinese, SAT 2 & HSK
Lawrenceville, New Jersey, USA
Yinghua Language School, Lawrenceville - Mandarin Chinese as a Heritage Language Program; Mandarin Chinese as a Second Language Program; Study Abroad Programs with 4-5 week stay in Beijing; Short-term Chinese Business Language; Chinese Exam Preparation Courses; Chinese Art Workshop; Chinese Language and Culture.
London, England, UK & England
Linkin Education - * Languages include: Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and more - One-to-one private language tuition and group language courses for all ages - Online individual language classes - After school clubs in different languages - GCSE, AS & A2 Levels tuition - Business training language courses - We provide...
Los Angeles County, California, USA
Mandarin Tree Academy, Manhattan Beach - Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Programs: - Ages: 2-6 years - Maximum Number of Students: 12 - Student/Teacher Ratio: 6:1 - Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 6:30 pm - Weekly Tuition: Available upon request
Bellevue, Washington, USA
eLearning Chinese Studio - Mandarin Chinese language classes for kids and teens of all levels from beginner to advanced (Ages 2.5 years +): - Tadpole Talent Series Chinese language classes (Ages 2.5 - 6 years) - Polliwog Enrichment Chinese language classes (Ages 5 - 7 years) - Language Builder Chinese language classes (Ages 7 years +) - Chinese language immersion summer camps (Ages 3 - 8...
Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Language Classes Ad Opportunity here - Mandarin Chinese Immersion Programs: • Parents and Tots programs for kids ages 1-3 • Mandarin for kids ages 3-12 (Kids Only) • Private / One-on-one Mandarin Chinese classes • Mandarin immersion summer camps Further Language Ad Opportunities: • French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic
Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Language Classes Ad Opportunity here - Language Immersion Summer Camps - Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese programs
Austin, Texas, USA
Marvelous Mandarin, Chinese Language & Culture Academy, Austin - Mandarin Chinese Language Programs (Kids & Teens): - Little Pandas Rhythmic Mandarin Chinese Language Program: For toddlers ages 18 months to 3 years & their parents. - WaWa Mandarin House: fun-filled total immersion Chinese program for kids (ages 3-10) - Cultural Journey Mandarin Chinese After School Immersion Program (Elementary school students) - Mandarin...
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Asian Language School - Online / Virtual Chinese Language Classes: Beginner to advanced levels. All our classes are taught online in virtual classrooms. • Chinese for Kids: Designed for students ages 6-11 who want to learn conversational Mandarin. • Chinese for Teens: Designed for students ages 12-17 who want to develop proficiency Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Verona, New Jersey, USA
Hua Xia Northern Chinese School, Essex County - - CSLMME: Mommy, or Daddy & Me for Children of Ages 2-5 (45 mins). - CSLCB: Basic Chinese for Youngsters of Age 5-10 (90mins) - CSLC: Chinese Reading and Writing for Youngsters of Age 7-16 - CSLA: Chinese Reading and Writing for Age of 16+ or adults - CSLAA: Advanced Chinese Classes for Adults
Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Language Classes Ad Opportunity here - Mandarin Chinese Immersion Programs: • Parents and Tots programs for kids ages 1-3 • Mandarin for kids ages 3-12 (Kids Only) • Private / One-on-one Mandarin classes • Mandarin immersion summer camps
Sunnyvale, California, USA
Mandarin Kids Tutoring - Mandarin Chinese Language Classes: - Pre-K Chinese Immersion - Chinese for Elementary Students - Chinese for Parents - Group Mandarin classes - Private / Small Group Mandarin lessons
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Language Classes Ad Opportunity here - We also provide language ad opportunities for providers of Arabic, Spanish, French, German and Italian classes.
London, England, UK & England
Panda Mandarin, Archway, North London - Mandarin Chinese language lessons for children ages 3 and up. Both weekday and weekend classes are available: - Small group Chinese classes - Speaking Chinese - Chinese Reading lessons - Writing in Chinese - Recognizing Chinese characters - Chinese phonetic Pin Yin - Chinese cultural activities - Calligraphy - Traditional Chinese games