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THINK Global School:
THINK Global School (TGS) is a private, non-profit high school that travels the world, allowing students the chance to study in four new international cities each academic year. TGS challenges learners, through firsthand experiences of global travel, to become compassionate individuals who are curious and knowledgeable about the world and motivated to affect meaningful change.

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International Traveling High School Program for Students in Grades 10-12:

Photo of Co-ed Traveling International High School• We believe that education should connect you to the world around you, providing context and insight into today’s most pressing issues.

• Drawing from the 21st Century’s most innovative and effective educational models, the Changemaker Curriculum combines high academic standards with interdisciplinary, project-based learning—so your environment informs your studies and your studies give meaning to your environment.

• Classes are held eight weeks on, five weeks off, all year long:  Our unique academic calendar fully immerses you in four countries a year, taking advantage of the best times to explore climates ranging from tropical jungles to icy fjords. It also offers more time off to process your experiences, pursue internships or student-designed projects, or simply relax with friends and family back home.

Upcoming School Locations around the world:
• 2021-2022: Australia, Bosnia, Botswana, Chile, China, Greece, India, Japan, Oman, Panama.

The graduation requirements for a THINK Global School diploma are as follows:

Academic Overview
Image of Co-ed Traveling International High School• Our one-of-a-kind Changemaker Curriculum combines high academic standards with student-driven, project-based learning. Through development in three key areas—Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose—it shapes informed, intelligent global citizens who are empowered to enact change. 

Graduation Requirements
• Graduation requirements are for 3 years as TGS students are in 10th, 11th and 12th grade. In addition to traditional high school credit requirements, upon graduation, students must be proficient in all 21st Century Skills, successfully complete an individual Capstone Project, service project, and participate in TGS’ student wellness and university preparation programs. 

Credits Required:

English = 3
Math = 3
Science = 3
Social Science = 2
Language = 2
Fine Arts = 2
Physical Education/Health = 2 

Photos of THINK Global School21st Century Learning Skills: 
Visual Information and Literacy
Multicultural Literacy
Critical Thinking
Global Awareness
Effective Communication
Adaptability/Managing Complexity
Teaming and Collaboration 

Capstone Project
• The Capstone Project is where students show they are prepared for university, the contemporary workplace and for being a contributing member of modern society. Students must successfully complete AP Research and Seminar to develop and produce their final product; demonstrating their analytical skills, ethical practices, leadership qualities and proficiency in written and oral communication at the Master Level.      
Project-Based Learning

• In each country, students select an interdisciplinary, project-based learning module designed to help them answer country specific problems while immersing themselves in the culture and multiple academic subjects at once. These seven-week modules are led by faculty members, yet structured to allow students agency and flexibility to learn in ways that suit them.

Student-Driven Learning
• With the guidance of their academic advisor, students pursue 1-2 academic projects per semester. These can take the form of anything from conducting scientific research and presenting their findings, to creating a paper or presentation to document their new understanding a chosen subject or topic. An academic advisor helps plan and evaluate this work, tracking them against the school’s learning targets to ensure students are receiving a well-rounded education covering all academic disciplines.     

2018-2019 AP Courses:
Picture of Co-ed Traveling International High SchoolCalculus
Computer Science
Environmental Science
Human Geography
World History
English Language & Composition
German Language & Culture

Student Wellness
• Wellness at TGS is an all-inclusive term that encompasses academic, social, emotional, and physical wellbeing. In addition to teacher led courses designed to increase self-development and social awareness, TGS students can be found getting fit while learning about local culture on a cricket pitch in Mumbai or at a Japanese dojo in Hiroshima.

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