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Heritage English:
Heritage English is an exclusive English language school close to Bournemouth in the South of England. We provide intensive English language homestay courses for adults (over 16 years) from around the world throughout the year and in summer. We offer one-to-one and two-to-one English tuition or small group courses at very competitive rates. You will live in a friendly, comfortable, caring family environment with your teacher, and speak / listen to and learn English from morning to night.

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Homestay English Language Courses:
We offer one-to-one, two-to-one or small group intensive immersion language courses for adult students (over 16 years) and business professionals who need to improve their general command of English, or who want refresher courses for vocational or academic purposes. 

For students wishing to enter UK universities, or those who plan to take a work placement in the UK, these courses give a boost in the skills and confidence needed to integrate into British society successfully.

In addition to our adult courses, we provide one-on-one tuition for children and teenagers.

Business English Language Courses -  Total immersion homestay courses
Photo of Professional / Business English Courses in EnglandOur intensive English language immersion courses provide business managers and professional people with training to improve their language skills in order to work more effectively in the modern global market.

We are able to design intensive one-to-one business courses to suit every individual need.

Many business executives need to prepare a presentation or plan a negotiation and we are able to guide them – first in the writing and next in the oral delivery of a specific professional task.

We can also provide small group total immersion training. Our intensive residential courses can be from 3 days to 3 weeks.

Our one-to-one business immersion courses cover the following target areas: 

- Oral Communication in Business:
Subjects include: Functional Language; Effective language in business meetings; Presenting and describing trends using graphs and visual aids; Interview techniques; Effective body language. 

- English for Business Telephoning:
Telephone communication plays a major part in our working lives. It is often a problem area for clients in business.

We focus on the following skills to help learners develop the language needed to deal with telephone calls, including mobile phones and conference calls: Making Calls; Receiving Calls; Listening and Understanding; Receiving and Leaving Messages; Conference Calls; Dealing with Problems. 

- English for Business Presentations: 
Giving an effective and powerful business presentation is difficult in your native language. 

It is a real challenge to deliver a complex message to an audience in a second language! Some of our clients need to plan and give effective presentations as part of their job. 

We help students to develop the key language skills essential for today’s international business environment, including: Effective openings; Pacing and intonation; Rhetorical technique; Survival tactics; Introducing visuals; Handling questions; Body language. 

- English for Meetings:
Subjects include: Opening and closing a meeting; Diplomatic language; Giving an opinion; Making suggestions; Accepting or rejecting suggestions; Phrases for Agreement/Disagreement; Dealing with interruptions; Focus or widen the discussion.

- English for Negotiating:
Subjects include: State your needs; Accept/Refuse an offer; Explore positions; Suggest alternatives; Ask specific questions.

- Written Business Communication:
It is equally important to be accurate in the written business language needed to follow up after meetings and to communicate effectively in writing. Subjects include:

- Grammatical syllabus covering key areas of English grammar
- Achieving the correct tone and register in writing 
- Guidance on how to improve writing styles
- Specific and task based vocabulary 
- Full and Short Reports – Sales/marketing/financial/progress/appraisal
- Focus on style, layout and structure in all reports 
- Form of written Minutes of Meetings 
- Letter format 

- English For E-mailing:
Because e-mails are usually brief it is important to keep the language short and precise. Poor use of language in emails can lead to costly misunderstandings. Focus is on the following skills: Opening and Closing; Layout; Phrases to write and reply to formal and informal e-mails; Functional Language; Exchanging of Information.

- Socialising - Effective Business Communication:
Many business clients need to develop the skill and language for building a good social ‘rapport’ when meeting or entertaining colleagues, business clients.

The success of a business deal can depend on how well we welcome a guest - or on knowing the right thing to say at a business function.

At Heritage English, we use a range of techniques including audio material and role play to develop the skills required in such situations. For example, how to: Open a conversation; Develop a conversation; Entertain; Build rapport; Make arrangements; Take your leave.

- Cultural Awareness:
It is possible to offend or even to lose a contract as a result of insensitivity to different ways of doing business.

It is vital for business people working overseas to be aware of different customs and ways of behaviour in order to have successful relations with overseas partners and clients. 

If a boardroom cultural clash is to be avoided, we must prepare ourselves in the culture and customs of the country we are visiting.

After following any of the above courses, we can sometimes arrange for clients to visit local British businesses in a similar market sector to practise conversation with British counterparts in a real situation. 

All prices are inclusive of:
- Pre-course needs analysis and lesson planning
- Tuition including all materials
- 60 hours of corrected conversation out of lessons
- Excursions and leisure activities in the local area with a tutor or host.
- Post course End of Session Report with future learning advice
- Accommodation
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner

English Language Exam Preparation:
Image of Professional / Business English Courses in EnglandThese intensive courses are designed for students who need preparation and revision to pass internationally recognized examinations. Most students on such courses will have some self-study periods as well as formal tuition.

However, we can arrange for students to take part in extra afternoon activities of their choice.

Our past students have found that a short intensive exam preparation course can make a big difference to their confidence and, most importantly, to their exam results.

Exam preparation courses include:
• TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
• IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
• TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication)
• Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE)
• Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE)
• Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
• International Baccalaureate – Guidance in English Module

Photos of Heritage EnglishSporting & Leisure Activities:
There is a wide range of sporting and leisure activities that students can combine with their homestay course, with many cultural activities available, as well as sporting activities such as Golf, Tennis, Horse Riding, Sailing, Surfing, Canoeing / Kayaking, Windsurfing, Rock climbing, Cycling, Swimming, and more.

Student Testimonials:
“I appreciated the warm welcome I received from my hosts who put me at my ease and who made me feel a part of the family. 

This is the quickest way to learn a foreign language – to stay and live with the native people, sharing their daily routine and socialising with their friends.

Being corrected when I made mistakes helped me to put the grammar into practice in a natural way, without having to think!"
- Marie Christine, Quality Controller for a pharmaceutical company

"Today on my 2nd business day in my new job - it was my first test in reality. We had our conference call with the colleges in Brussels and China.

In Salzburg there were about 8 people including our CEO around the spider and I had to introduce myself during the conference call in English - and I did it!!! I was a little bit nervous at the beginning but at the end I was quite confident.

The phoning lasts one hour and I think I got 90% of the content. I'm sure that without your training this would have been a very stressful situation for me."
Gregor, works for an automobile company in Salzburg, Austria

"..I wanted to improve my English, but aimed toward the world of politics and business. And that's exactly what I had. Now I have a very valuable basis that I must not waste, and now I'm really motivated to keep improving my English in Spain.

The learning method is perfect. I really enjoyed the classes combined with real life. Has the theory and practice every day.

If we also take into account the effect that teachers have shown me and all people who have been there for me, the experience is unforgettable.

I was actually quite scared of the method "one-to-one" because I had never spoken in English over half an hour away.

And my surprise is that with this method from the first moment I was talking to Celia and Gail, and with everyone around me. The last days of course I did not remember some words in Spanish. It works!

If you are a person who has not had the opportunity to learn English, here you will find the final push to understand and speak English. I promise you."

- Manuel, a civil engineer and company owner from Barcelona

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