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61. Online Teachers UK
Courses / Programs
Online Teachers UK provides bespoke, one-to-one English tuition via Skype to students from all over the world. Courses are tailor-made to suit the individual level and study needs of each learner. OTUK specialises in British English lessons online.

OTUK is an online English school run by a small team of British English teachers. Our school was founded in 2012 but many of our teachers have been working online for over 3 years.
Online English lessons via Skype:

- General English
- Conversational English
- English for Tourism / Travel
- Business English
- English Exam Preparation
- Job Interview English
- Financial English
- Academic English
- IT-Related English
- English for Children
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62. The Castle School of English, Brighton
Courses / Programs
The Castle School of English school is possibly the most central school in Brighton. It is a 30-second walk from the main shopping centre and 5 minutes from the train station and the beach. The big difference between this school and other schools in Brighton is the way we care about our students. The school is very small and has a very friendly, family atmosphere.

Our students and teachers enjoy the lessons and breaks together in the same rooms, and students are welcome to use every room in the building. We understand that you want to have fun as well as learn English. You will be very happy with this school because the lessons are fun and interesting and you will feel comfortable and relaxed, and your English will improve fast.

At Castle School of English we work very hard to have very low fees (prices). Please email us to calculate the fees for you, and you will be able to see the amazing value.
General English (all levels), FCE, CAE, IELTS, Conversational & Business English.
63. Liverpool English Centre
Courses / Programs
Learn to speak English in Liverpool, in North-West England. Liverpool English Centre provides a range of beginner to advanced level English language classes to students from around the world.

We offer General English Courses that fit in with your personal & professional obligations, flexible timetables and very cheap prices.

All levels taught from beginners to advanced. Our students form an exciting, international community in which you will learn, have fun with, and speak English with on a daily basis.
English Language Courses:
- Beginner to Advanced levels

- General English (4 weeks)

- Callan Method (4 weeks)

- English for Business Success (4 weeks)

- IELTS Exam Preparation (4 weeks)

- One to One / Private English Lessons (1 hour classes)
64. The Learning Experience, East Sussex
Courses / Programs
Welcome to the fastest and most comprehensive way to learn English. The Learning Experience is a group of UK expert English Teachers aiming to provide the best learning experience in the shortest possible time. We are based in East Sussex, in a small town called Battle in the district of Rother, 50 miles southeast of London and 30 miles east of Brighton. Our aim is to provide a high level of English teaching to those who require a fast learning approach or special full care.

We are not a holiday resort but a small group of expert teachers aiming to provide the best learning experience in the shortest possible time by focusing one hundred percent on the language and culture in the UK. Time is money, so we only teach one to one and just one person at a time to ensure full attention is devoted to individual needs and targets are reached before expected.
One to One English lessons; Intensive English; Business English; Executive English. Our Courses include activities, excursions and sport programmes. One of our more popular courses is our “Golfing English” option.
65. ECX English Language School, Leeds
Courses / Programs
Accredited by the British Council, ECX is an English language school situated Leeds City Centre, one hour north-east of Manchester, in the heart of Northern England.

We provide a range of beginner to advanced level English classes to adult students (ages 18+) from around the world.

We are committed to the academic achievement of all our students, and to their successful educational or career progression.
English Language Classes for Adults (ages 18+)

General English Study Options:
- 21 hours per week
- 15 hours per week
- 6 hours per week

Academic English Study Options:
- 21 hours per week
- 15 hours per week

IELTS Exam Preparation Classes:
- 8 hours per week
66. Executive English
Courses / Programs
Executive English offers online English Classes with Native English Speakers. Learn Online using Skype and VOIP technology from your home or office anytime and anywhere. The Executive English program provides a bridge to carry business men and women from intermediate to native English speaking ability.
Daily conversations in English | business or everyday topics - One to one, two person group or three person mini group classes:
* Solving problem areas in day to day communications
* Customised to individual needs
* Perfecting terminology often neglected in business environments
* Fluency and confidence in speech are the core focus of our programs
67. Glasgow School of English
Courses / Programs
Glasgow School of English is an independent language school accredited by The British Council, and is located in Glasgow, Scotland's largest city. Regardless of your level of English, each week, you will study a minimum of 22.5 hours. You will study from 9am to 12pm (with a 20 minute break), Monday to Friday with extra workshops and social activities in the afternoon. We offer Quality teaching, delivered by professional and experienced English teachers
- General English course with 6 different class levels
- IELTS / TOEFL exam preparation
- Private English classes
- English for Professionals (Business English, Grammar, Reading, writing and listening)
- English plus courses -  English + HND Courses, (Higher National Diploma), English + Work Experience, English + Leisure (golf, cookery, fishing, sailing etc - the list is endless)

Specific contact pages
68. Angloed English Language Services
Courses / Programs
Angloed English Language Services is based in England, and provides a personalized assistant to foreign students looking for an English Language School, Boarding School or entrance to a College or University for a Post Graduate degree. Choose the type of English course you are looking for from the Menu or one of the other educational options, fill up and send the questionnaire and wait for our reply. We will complete all the administrative procedures to guarantee a registration in the establishment of your option. All the English Language Schools we offer are recognized by the British Council and English UK. We are in a belief that we form a shortcut to what you are demanding. As Educational Advisers, we will offer you schools anywhere in the country. You don't need to waist time phoning around, our staff will do all the hard work for you. Discounts for school groups.
General English Courses, English Vacation for Juniors and Adults, Business English Courses, Boarding School in England, College or University Post Graduate Degrees.

Specific contact pages
69. Europa School Of English
Courses / Programs
Europa School Of English, in Bournemouth (105 miles southwest of London), on the south coast of England, is a privately owned English Language School accredited by the British Council, offering full and part time English language courses for students 18+. We offer short and long term General English and Business English language courses, as well as exam preparation courses for IELTS & Cambridge First Certificate. We take a flexible and personalised approach to the organisation of your stay. Our small class sizes enable us to monitor the progress of each student closely and provide guidance.

Your English language courses are taught by qualified English teachers. They are kind, friendly and enthusiastic and are here to help you communicate in English well.

We have full and part time courses available for you to choose. We test you on your first day to put you in the correct class, do regular tests to see your progress, and support and guide you.
English Language Courses for Adults:

- General English language course - 15 hours a week
- General English language course - 21 hours a week (semi intensive)
- Intensive English language course - 24 hours a week
- Intensive English language course - 30 hours a week (MEGA INTENSIVE )
- English language course and IELTS preparation
- English language course and FCE
70. Multi Lingua
Courses / Programs
Multi Lingua Ltd 's, based in Oxford & Nottingham, England, is a team of qualified and experienced language training consultants that delivers corporate Language Courses for clients from a variety of business and industry sectors in the Midlands, London, Surrey and throughout the South East.

We offer custom-designed Professional Skills English courses, as well as training programmes for a range of other languages to support the business requirements of our clients. These programmes are all delivered at the client's site and include initial needs analysis consultations and placement testing, as well as student progress reports and end-of-course certificates.

Whether you require foreign language courses for UK-based staff, or English language training for overseas colleagues on secondment to your UK operation, we can provide you with an innovative language training solution.
Our range of custom-designed Language Courses includes:

- Professional Skills English
- Technical English
- Management Skills
- IELTS Preparation
- Summer School (13-16 year olds)
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Some of the program inquiries submitted here up to 2018-12-06 were from viewers in:

Mexico;   leeds, UAE;   Liverpool;   Spain;   liverpool;   Rakops, Botswana;   Nairobi, Kenya;   Switzerland;   Glasgow;   San Pablo City, Philippines;   and more.