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Residential Summer Camps in West Midlands, UK

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ATE Superweeks, Worcestershire:
The ATE Trust is a not-for-profit educational trust offering residential summer camps to children ages 8-16 years. ATE has over 50 years experience (formerly as ‘Colony Holidays’) in running summer camps, now known as ‘Superweeks'

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Our Mission:

ATE seeks to contribute to children’s education by providing opportunities to learn about themselves, other people and to discover new things about the world around them. By running Superweeks, ATE provides children with a safe, supportive environment away from the pressure of ‘real life’ in which we cultivate child focused holidays where days are play-packed and leave a child with memories that ATE believes are essential to a happy childhood. We achieve this by having a deep rooted, traceable history in education, and running unique intensive residential training courses for the volunteers who care for the children.

Parent Testimonials:

- All the children I know who have been on an ATE week have loved it and Morgan was no exception. I knew it would help her self-confidence and maturity and it did. Her first words when I picked her up were ‘That was awesome, can I go again’ !!  Thank you ATE team.

- I love the way my urban teenager happily abandons Facebook and foundation for the simple pleasures of games, singing, handicrafts and the great outdoors. Every year I worry she’ll have outgrown ATE, but every year she returns talking about booking up again the following summer.

- They came home full of songs and riddles they’d learned. They met children from other countries and parts of this country and made good friends. Now September – still referring to things they did and people they met. It was a chance for them to have more independence and fun and a change from the usual.

Children Testimonials:
- The Monitors were all really friendly and made you feel at home straight away. I enjoyed playing all the games and there was always something exciting to do. I love the family atmosphere where you are in a ATE bubble for the whole week.

- Definitely coming back next year. Thank you ATE!

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Address: 8 St. Ann’s Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, England , UK & England