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American Graduate School in Paris:
Study International Relations abroad in Paris and experience life in one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in Europe! The American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) provides semester abroad and academic year abroad programs for undergraduate and graduate students of international relations. In addition, we offer summer abroad programs for undergraduate students. All classes are taught in English.

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Study Abroad Programs in Paris for Undergraduate Students:
If you would like to study in Paris to gain international experience while earning credits towards your degree at your home institution, our accredited study abroad programs are ideal for you.

Earn College Credit:
Undergraduate students can earn 16 credits per semester toward an undergraduate degree according to the American credit system.

Fall / Spring Semester Abroad & Academic Year Abroad Programs:
Photo of Study Abroad International Relations in Paris, FranceOur semester programs are offered every year in the Fall (End of August-Mid December) and in the Spring (End of January-Mid May). Each session lasts 15 weeks.

If you would like to spend an entire year studying in Paris, the curriculum is designed so that you can attend two consecutive semesters.

Our study abroad programs feature a cross-disciplinary curriculum with a two-fold focus.
- Courses are offered in "International Relations, Politics, and Business" of France and the EU.
- You will have French language courses at Alliance Francaise, a world-renowned language school, and a partner of AGS.

- International Relations Courses:
You will have a core seminar on the History, Politics and Diplomacy of France and the European Union, which aims to provide you with a thorough understanding of France and Europe's governmental institutions, diplomacy, and foreign policy formulation.

The Fall course focuses on France while the Spring course focuses on the European Union. A major component of the core course is the capstone project that enables students to do research on topics of current events in Paris and Europe.

You then choose two courses from a choice of electives: International Public Law; Current Issues in International Relations; International Financial Management and Policy; International Marketing and Economic Development; Clashes of Cultures in Paris and France; Politics in Francophone Africa. 

- French Language Courses:

You will have nine hours of French classes per week, in three-hour long sessions. Classes take place in the mornings at the Alliance Francaise. You take an online assessment test, as well as a short oral exam on arrival to determine your level of French. This ensures that you are placed in the class that best meets your needs.

Trips and Extracurricular Activities
Image of Study Abroad International Relations in Paris, FranceTwo student trips are organized every semester:

1. A two-day trip to one of the important political cities of the European Union: Fall semester: Brussels, Belgium; Spring semester: Strasbourg, France
2. A four-day trip to Nice on the French Riviera.

In addition to the program trips, students often take advantage of their weekends and breaks to travel on their own time.

Summer Abroad Program for Undergraduate Students:
6-week program: "Intensive French and Politics: Economics, Diplomacy and the European Union". 

The curriculum of this summer program consists of French language courses in the mornings, and international relations seminars in the afternoons. Professors complement in-class learning with a number of field trips taking advantage of the central Paris location of the school. This enhances the cultural experience of the students, and offers an approach to learning that is both rigorous and fun.

The International Relations seminars are organized around the following themes:
Photos of American Graduate School in Paris- Comparative European Politics and Government
- International Relations and the European Union
- Origins of the French and European States
- Understanding French Foreign Policy

French Language Courses:
Alliance Francaise is a world-renowned language school, and a partner of AGS. They offer top-quality French language classes in the mornings, five days a week. You will benefit from the well-proven and highly-effective teaching methods of this 130-year old institution.

Your level of French will be assessed before you start the course, and you will be placed in the class that best suits your needs.

Earn College Credit in Summer:
The summer program provides students with 6 credits (3 credits for the International Relations courses and 3 credits for the French language courses) toward an undergraduate degree according to the American credit system.

Study Abroad Programs for Graduate Students:

Fall / Spring Semester Programs or Academic Year Programs:
Picture of Study Abroad International Relations in Paris, FranceAt AGS, we welcome graduate students from around the world who wish to study in Paris. You may choose to transfer the credits earned in this program to a graduate program in another U.S. institution. Alternatively, you can convert your study abroad experience into a full M.A. or Ph.D program at AGS.

A typical full-time semester consists of four courses. The following are some of the subjects you can choose to study:

- Factors and Theories of Analysis in IR&D
- Research Methodology and Design
- Foreign Policy Formulation and Diplomacy
- International Public Law
- Principles of Economics
- Current Economic Problems and Policies
- International Environmental Politics
- Current Issues in IR&D
- Strategy and Conflict Resolution
- Global Communications, Media and International Affairs
Images of American Graduate School in Paris- NGOs: Principles and Management
- NGOs: An International Perspective
- Russian Politics
- Diplomacy and International Law
- South Asia: Geopolitics Since WWII
- Geopolitics of Religion
- A History of the Modern Middle East
- Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa
- Thesis and Defense Tutorial
- Issues in US Foreign Policy
- Foreign Policy Tutorial
- Extreme Crisis Situation: Terrorism, Government and Media
- Gender, Militarization and War 
- European Union as a Global Actor
- Asia Pacific: Geopolitics Since WWII
- Theory and Origins of Conflict
- Geopolitics
- Internship-for-credit

Study abroad graduate students may also choose to attend French language courses offered through our partner school Alliance Francaise.

Certificate Programs:
By taking a combination of two courses, graduate students earn a Certificate of International Relations in the subjects of the courses from the American Graduate School in Paris.

Graduate Degree Programs:
- 2-year US-accredited M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy

- 2-year dual program in International Relations and Diplomacy /  Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiation, whereby students earn two degrees: a US-accredited M.A. and a Europe-accredited Master's degree

- 3-year dual program in International Relations and Diplomacy / French & EU Law and Business Ethics, whereby students earn two degrees: a US-accredited M.A. and a Europe-accredited LL.M. (Master of Laws)

- 3-year dual program in International Relations and Diplomacy / International Peace and Conflict Resolution, whereby students spend 3 semesters in France and 3 semesters in the US and earn two US-accredited Master's degrees

- Ph.D. in International Relations and Diplomacy

- 1-year US-accredited International MBA Program

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