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TEFL / TESOL Courses in Madrid, Spain

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Fyne Tefl Language School:
FYNE Formación is a language school situated in the centre of Madrid, and offers a 4 week TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) programme. Spain. FYNE Formación are Institutional Members of the College of Teachers. Since our teaching academy was founded in 1987, we have provided language courses to both corporate and private clients. In an effort to improve the quality of our English language programmes and, at the same time, our own teaching staff, a training programme for the effective teaching of English was put in place. This training programme acted as a guideline for teachers (both new and old) in how to teach English conscientiously and effectively. Out of this programme our specialised, intensive, 4 week TEFL course was born.

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TEFL Programme:

Photo of TEFL / TESOL Courses in Madrid, SpainThe FYNE TEFL programme consists of 100 hours of intensive TEFL training run over four weeks. Classes take place at our centrally located premises here in Madrid. The programme consists of 80 hours training and instruction in teaching General English to foreign learners and 20 hours intensive training on teaching Business English.

With the FYNE TEFL programme, each of our students is given a unique opportunity to obtain all the skills associated with Teaching English as a Foreign Language.  On successful completion of the FYNE TEFL course, participants will be awarded an accredited TEFL certificate with which  possibilities to get a teaching position, either with us or with any other school in Madrid, will be greatly increased globally.

At FYNE Formación, we guarantee that our unique "tailor-made" TEFL programme works to maximum effect. We provide our TEFL students with a 180 page manual (written and designed by our own TEFL trainers) and also with free Spanish lessons, internet access at the academy and some orientation around the huge and beautiful city of Madrid.


Image of TEFL / TESOL Courses in Madrid, SpainThe FYNE intensive 4-week TEFL course includes many hours dedicated to teaching practice and is based on three main aspects:

- Teaching methodology:  The general processes of teaching - planning and preparing for classes, understanding and working with the different learner levels and classroom management etc.
- Language analysis:  Grammar, vocabulary, phonology.
- Language skills:  How to teach listening, speaking, reading and writing.

With the FYNE TEFL programme, we ensure that our trainees put these fundamental aspects immediately into effect, in the form of teaching practice in the classroom. At FYNE, we firmly believe that the accumulation of theoretical knowledge without having the opportunity to practice and discuss methods etc., with those qualified to give advice can create a feeling of incomplete training. Our classroom practise sessions are fundamental to the learning process, as they prepare each of our trainees for the "real thing".

Progressive Assessment:

Photos of Fyne Tefl Language SchoolWith the FYNE TEFL course there is no final examination. We are of the opinion that testing trainees on accumulated knowledge, immediately after completion of an extensive training programme will not accurately reflect his or her true abilities. We believe that progressive evaluation throughout the course makes trainee progress more effective as they accurately highlight areas where trainees excel and those where further tuition may be required.

Our trainees are therefore periodically assessed throughout their four weeks of training. These assessments include written evaluations on theoretical advancement, oral feedback and personal progress reports on classroom practises. On successful completion of the course and all written assessments, trainees receive an International TEFL Certificate.

Our Instructors:

Our training team consists of highly qualified, experienced instructors who are fully dedicated to giving TEFL trainees the best possible instruction and guidance throughout the course. Our trainers are skilled in the arts of motivational training and confidence building. They are always on hand to give friendly advice and to ensure that our trainees enjoy the full benefit of the TEFL course.

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Address: Alberto Aguilera 50, Madrid, Spain
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