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International Language Institute:
International Language Institute (ILI) offers an 8-week TESOL / TEFL certificate program at our school in Washington DC. This comprehensive ESL teacher training course has a practical focus and will equip you with the skills you will need to teach English as a Second Language in the United States or abroad. The course is offered every 8 weeks, year round. Course components include lesson planning, observation of peers and practicing teachers, practice teaching in individual and group settings, critical self-observation, and more. In addition to our TEFL / TESOL certification course, we offer a range of English courses to students from around the world.

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TESOL / TEFL Certificate:
- Duration: 8 weeks / 120 hours

Course Content - Sample Curriculum:

Photo of TEFL / TESOL Certification Program in Washington DC•  Session 1:
Teaching and Teachers: Roles and Styles; Introduction, Texts, Syllabus & Expectations.

•  Session 2:
Learning and Learners: Roles and Styles; Authenticity, Group-/Pair-work, Purpose, Choice etc

•  Session 3:
The English Language; Teaching different language groups. Teacher observations begin.

•  Session 4:
Classroom Presentation, Board-work, Practice & Error Correction; Lesson Planning

•  Session 5:
Teaching Vocabulary; Using a dictionary in the classroom.

Tutorials begin.

•  Session 6:
Teaching Pronunciation; An introduction to English Phonetics and Phonology; Using a dictionary (cont.)

•  Session 7:
Teaching Grammar: Diagnostic Grammar Test, Workshop Preparation

•  Session 8:
Practice Teaching 1; Preparation for First Workshop
Image of TEFL / TESOL Certification Program in Washington DC
•  Session 9:
Practice Teaching 2; Preparation for First Workshop

•  Session 10:
Practice Teaching 3; Preparation for Second Workshop

•  Session 11:
Practice Teaching 4; Preparation for Second Workshop

•  Session 12:
Complementary media; Using complementary media and technology

Group Workshops begin

•  Session 13:
Integrating the Four Skills & Adapting Texts; Instructional Design

•  Session 14:
Classroom Management & Assessment: Preparation: Career résumé and cover letter

•  Session 15:
SL Professional Development; Round table discussion with practicing teachers and industry professionals; Career résumés and career management

•  Session 16:
The various areas of ESL; Test & Exam Preparation, English for Specific Purposes, Exit Examination

Teacher Observations:
Throughout the course, you will observe several experienced teachers' lessons and analyze aspects of their classroom interaction and teaching styles.

You will focus a sympathetic yet critical eye on various facets of their instruction: student-teacher interaction, error correction methods, use of materials, pacing and use of whiteboard, to name but a few.

Throughout this two-month course, you will be meeting with one or two tutorial subjects for a minimum total ot 10 teaching hours.

The purpose of these structured one-on-one sessions is to allow you to gain some experience planning lessons, instructing students and practicing most other aspects of language instruction in the relative security of a less public setting.

It will also provide you with an immediate opportunity to put into practice the theories, ideas, and methods you will read and learn about throughout this course.

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