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Australian Embassy for Ireland - Address / Phone Number

Australian Embassy for Ireland

Australian Embassy in Ireland

Address: 7th Floor, Fitzwilton House, Wilton Terrace, Dublin 2
City: Dublin (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT 0 hours)
Tel.: 01 664 5300
Fax: 01 662 3566
Emergency Tel.: 1800 556 197
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30 - 16.30 

The Embassy's main priorities are:

  • To advance Australia's bilateral relationship with Ireland.
  • To promote Australia's economic interests in Ireland.
  • To provide Australians in Ireland with consular and passport services.
  • To promote awareness and public understanding in Ireland of Australia's foreign and trade policy, including through cultural activities.
  • To provide services for Australian Governmental and Parliamentary activities.

The Embassy provides consular assistance to Australian citizens and permanent residents travelling or living abroad through our offices in Australia and diplomatic missions (embassies, high commissions, consulates) overseas. Their capacity to assist is influenced by local laws and conditions, international rules governing consular work, and by the cooperation offered by persons and organisations outside the Australian Government.

The role includes:

  • providing you with prompt, effective and courteous consular service
  • ensuring they have trained and dedicated staff to assist you
  • advising you of the services they can and cannot provide and the fees and charges that apply
  • protecting your privacy in accordance with Australian law
  • maintaining collaborative working relations with other government and non-government agencies to facilitate effective consular and crisis-related assistance.

The objective of the Australian Embassy's Consular and Passports Section is to protect and safeguard the interests of Australian citizens/residents in Ireland within the limits imposed by the laws of Ireland. Consular assistance and advice is provided in relation to matters such as:

  • arrests and imprisonment
  • welfare and whereabouts
  • Australian Federal and State elections
  • legalisation of documents
  • passport issue and renewal
  • provide assistance in the case of an accident, serious illness, or death
  • help you during emergencies, such as natural disasters

An Australian citizen looking to get married in Ireland will be asked to prove that they are not currently legally married. The marriage celebrant will advise what proof is required. Some registrars will require an original birth certificate with an "apostille" affixed to it. This stamp can only be acquired in Australia.

Before the married name is accepted for inclusion into an Australian passport and if either spouse wishes to change their name (and they were born in Australia) they will need to apply for a Name Change Certificate with the Australian Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the state they were born.

Passport clients are advised that as of 1 January 2011 ONLY a simplified Adult Renewal application (PC7) may be lodged by mail, HOWEVER if the PC7 form is being used to apply for your first Adult passport you are required to book an appointment to attend an interview and lodge the form in person. All other Australian Passport applications are to be lodged in person, by appointment only. Please contact the Embassy to schedule an appointment. Interviews are scheduled between 9.00 and 12.00.  Clients are advised not to book their travel before they are in receipt of their travel document. The following passport applications MUST be lodged in person.

Normal processing time is ten working days from the time your application is received, provided that all the required documentation and suitable photographs are submitted with the application. The Dublin Passports Office cannot process full validity passports in less than 10 days. A Priority Processing service is offered at the London Passports Production Centre and guarantees that your passport will be produced within two working days.

Emergency Passports may be available to applicants that satisfy certain requirements and show a genuine need for the passport to be issued. Further enquiries about Emergency Passports should be made by calling Dublin Passports Office on 01 664 5300.

NOTE: Fees are reviewed each month and adjusted for exchange rate fluctuations. The card will be charged with the fees applicable when your application is received. If you lodge your application in person, you may pay with cash, cheque, Mastercard or Visa Card. Do not send cash in the mail.

The Embassy is closed on the following holidays:

  • 01 January - New Years Day
  • 18 March - St Patrick's Day (in lieu)
  • March/April - Good Friday
  • March/April - Easter Monday
  • 06 May - Bank Holiday
  • 03 June - Bank Holiday
  • 05 July - Additional DFAT holiday
  • 05 August - Bank Holiday
  • 28 October - Bank Holiday
  • 23 December - Additional DFAT holiday
  • 24 December - Additional DFAT holiday
  • 25 December - Christmas Day
  • 26 December - St Stephen's Day
  • 27 December - Additional DFAT holiday

This map displays where the Australian Embassy / Consulate is located in Ireland, Dublin.

If this location is no longer correct, please submit the exact new address information via our Contact page. If the map does not load for you, try opening this page on another web browser.

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