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Graduate Design Programs in Barcelona, Spain

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ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering:
Founded in 1961, ELISAVA is one of the top schools in Europe, pioneer in the studies of Design and Engineering, and it is affiliated to Pompeu Fabra University, has over 2,000 students from around the world. Fifty years with a multi-disciplinary academic and research approach, strongly geared to the professional world and promoting close collaboration with companies, institutions and universities. A history of pioneering in teaching, which continues to help in the training of outstanding professionals. The School offers official courses as the Degree in Design, the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design and also the Official Master’s Degree in Design and Communication. The Master’s and Postgraduate Degrees offer are related to the areas of Graphic Design and Communication, Fashion Design, Product Design, Space Design and Architecture and Strategy and Management, and also a Summer School courses. ELISAVA is located in a modern building, at the heart of Barcelona.

Why Study at Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering?

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- Specialized Programs
ELISAVA specializes in Graphic Design and Communication, Product Design, Space Design and Architecture, Design, Strategy and Management based Masters degrees and Postgraduate diplomas and Summer Courses. Degrees, transcripts and ECTS credits are awarded by the prestigious Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, an affiliate of ELISAVA.

- State-of-the-Art Facilities
ELISAVA is located in a modern 11,000 square meter facility with multi-purpose classrooms and labs as well as a model and fashion workshop and a reference library with over 9,000 design related volumes.

- Blending Academics with Innovation
Through a successful blend of academic rigor along with open-mindedness and innovation, the School has long been an open forum for all those who have something new, intelligent and thoughtful to say regarding the creative industries.

Mission, Vision & Values:

Image of Graduate Design Programs in Barcelona, Spain- ELISAVA wants to be a university centre of international reference that contributes to the transformation of the human environment and the generation of new realities, developing design, engineering and communication with creativity and quality

- ELISAVA promotes education, knowledge, research, development and innovation in the field of design, engineering and communication through university training that prepares its students to meet professional challenges at international level

- ELISAVA promotes studies that combine the creative process of the projects with its technical development.


Official Programmes:
- Degree in Design
- Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design
- University Master's Degree in Design and Communication

Master's Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas:
- Space Design and Architecture Area
- Graphic Design and Communication Area
- Design, Strategy and Management

Summer Courses:  Summer School and Dual City Courses

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Address: 30-32 La Rambla, 08002, Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain
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