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Los Angeles, California, USA
Bosso Intensive Makeup School Los Angeles - 4-Day & 6-Day Intensive Professional Make-up Artist Certification Programs: - Traditional and Airbrush Make-up - Techniques include: Smokey Eyes; Contouring; Bridal Makeup; Men's Grooming; High Fashion; Business & Marketing; Product  & Brush Knowledge; Hygiene & more - 6-Day program also includes Red Carpet...
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
GLOW Academy - Toronto, Mississauga & Kitchener - Makeup Certificate Programs - Makeup Artistry (Beginner) - Advanced Fashion Makeup Artistry - Advanced Bridal Makeup - Airbrush Makeup Artistry - TV & Special Effects Makeup - Fantasy Makeup Hair Design Certificate Programs - Hair Design - Bridal Hair Design - Fashion Hair Design - Hair Extensions   Aesthetics Certificate...
Paris, France
Paris American Academy - - 3-year Bachelor Degree courses in Fashion and Interior Design - 4-month Fall & Spring Semester Abroad programs in Fashion; Fashion Merchandising; Interior Design - 4-Week Intensive Summer Workshops in Fashion; Fine Arts; Interior Design; Creative Writing - 4-Week Intensive English language course English is the language of instruction for all courses.
Milan, Italy
Listing Spot for Photography school in Milan - - Photography & Fashion Summer Course - One-to-one / Private Photography courses (for individuals or companies)
Florence, Italy
The Florence Art Studio - Intensive Art Program of Drawing and/or Painting - Taught in English A program of academic training divided into six separate modules covering life drawing & painting skills, each serving as the foundation for the next. Alternatively, you can choose to take any module as a stand-alone course, from one week to a month or...
Paris, France
Ducasse Education, Paris - Professional Culinary Programs • Culinary Arts Diploma: 6-month skills-building + 3-month internship (taught in English & French) • Expert Diploma in Culinary Arts: 3-month skills-building + 3-month internship (taught in English) • Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts: 3-year program in English & French, with internships • Short-term / 2 Month...