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This page highlights the success stories of some of our design course graduates from around the world. A leading English-speaking design school in Europe, Marbella Design Academy offers 3-year BA (Honours) Degree courses in Interior Architecture, Graphic Design & Fashion Design (taught in English, our BA degrees are awarded by the University of Bedfordshire, UK, and state-recognised in the UK). Join us on the beautiful Costa del Sol in the South of Spain, and create your own success story!

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- Jonas Søndergaard Nielsen (Interior Architecture Graduate)
Photo of Marbella Design Academy - Student Success Stories"I currently work as an art director at the ¨Brief concept bureau¨ in Copenhagen, Denmark. Every day I work with many different fields of design.

I started out as a cabinetmaker, learning the craft from the bottom. I applied for the Marbella Design Academy and got accepted at the Interior Architecture Course.

Marbella Design Academy taught me much more than I ever dreamed of, not only making me able to train my furniture design skills, but also teaching me the fundamental skills of design like Photoshop, Illustrator, 3Dmax, colors, photography and much more.

l have deep roots in Furniture and Industrial design and I always have a lot of projects going. Design and creativity does not only come in one form but is a vivid tree of branches that stretches far and deep into many fields. What is my specialty? I love it all. "

- Brett Vorster (Graphic Design Graduate)
"I believe in life that what you put in, you get out. Marbella Design Academy was amazing for my career, great teachers, great students who inspired me and still do and of course the great location!

After graduating from Marbella Design Academy I worked my way around, climbing the career ladder from designer to creative director and eventually moving back to South Africa. 

Today, I run a successful website design and development agency in a beautiful town called Knysna."

- Cia Krauss (Interior Architecture Graduate)
"After I finished my degree in interior architecture at the Marbella Design Academy I continued to study for my MA programme at the Hatfield University in London.

I then decided to go back to my hometown and started my own company as an interior designer. My company is called Unique Studio Design."

- Yara Hayatia (Interior Architecture Graduate)
"My professional career after graduating from Marbella design academy has been very interesting and inspiring for me. I have an degree in Interior Architecture.
I moved to a very fast growing country, Qatar, where I had the pleasure to work in one of the best companies in the Middle East IMAR.

There I worked on developing and coordinating shop drawings for some of their projects like Hamad International Airport, Doha Convention Center, Qatar.

I have gained a lot of experience and grown very much as a designer in those years and I have learned that design is a very big field that you need to find your place in."

- Maggie Nieto (Graphic Design Graduate)
"After graduating from Marbella Design Academy with a degree in Graphic Design, I began working straight away in a Property Development Company in Marbella as a junior graphic designer.

Now back at home, Buenos Aires, I have my own studio! Its possible, if you work hard enough to get it! I work for a large list of clients that go from fancy and funky restaurants, construction, fashion industry, to mobile companies."

- Francesca Fleischer Nordvik (Interior Architecture Graduate)
"I am a former student from Marbella Design Academy from Oslo, Norway. During my interior architecture studies in Marbella I learned a lot. The diversity of the education led me to have a wide experience to start my career here in Norway.

Studying abroad gave me insight into different types of interior which has given me an advantage after my studies. The teachers are highly competent and follow each student closely during the studies, giving security , making you feel free to design your ideas to the best.

After I finished my studies at Marbella Design Academy I moved back to Oslo, Norway. Since then I have been working independently and have started my own furniture company called Nordvik Design."

- Monica Schuetz (Interior Architecture Graduate)
"After graduating from Marbella Design Academy in interior architecture I had an internship (from Sep. 2008 until May 2009) at Joi-Design in Hamburg.

After my internship I worked at Mömax a furniture store, (from June 2009 till Dec. 2009) and I was so good that I got the job as department manager as decorator in Schweinfurt."
Updated: 2024-01-27

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