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Online Business Management University / College Prep Program

Image of Reach Cambridge - Online Pre-University Courses / Private Tutoring for ages 13 to 23 Reach Cambridge - Online Pre-University Courses / Private Tutoring for ages 13 to 23:
A business management degree at college or university is consistently one of the most popular choices for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. The field of business management focuses on the careful organising, planning and analysing of a range of business-related activities required to successfully and efficiently manage a business. It provides you with the key academic knowledge and skills needed to pursue local or international career opportunities by developing a broad understanding of specific business areas such as accounting, finance, sales, business operations and HR.

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Short & Intensive Business Management Courses Online:
- Taught in bundles of 10, 20 or 40 hours (10 Hours - Introduction to a Subject, 20 Hours - In-depth Study, 40 Hours - Advanced Learning).
- For UK & international students of ages 13 to 24 years old based anywhere around the world.

Photo of Online Business Management University / College Prep ProgramAt Reach Cambridge Online, our students receive a broad introduction to the subject of Business Management, ideal for those of you interested in studying business at the university or college level, as well as those simply intrigued by the modern world of business, enterprise or entrepreneurship.

Throughout you studies, you will be encouraged to make your own judgements, decisions, to brainstorm new ideas, and take a leadership role in the future and plans that you hope to make possible.

Featuring sessions centred on markets, firms and development, and business topics ranging from strategy and marketing to entrepreneurship and more, you will gain invaluable insight into the mechanisms at the heart of the modern business world today (It may be possible to combine this with elements from the Economics course - If interested talk to your course adviser for more information).

About Reach Cambridge: Based since 2005 in the historic city of Cambridge in England, Reach Cambridge has provided thousands of young people from all over the world with the opportunity to prepare for their futures in a university environment in one of the top educational facilities in the world.

Our Online Programs are already popular in countries such as Australia, Canada, Greece, Hong Kong / China, Italy, India, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK, UAE, USA & more.

Business Management Student Review:
•  “I feel that the amazing faculty played the most important role in my understanding and love of the courses. I also feel that the material available like all the powerpoints and all the assignments that we did were extremely informative and helpful.

My favourite topics were personal finance and anomalistic psychology. Personal finance helped me learn how to manage my own money and see my own expenses. Anomalistic psychology was also one of my favourites as it was a lot of fun to study.

I surpassed my learning objectives as not only did it provide a base for my future colleges but also gave me a glimpse of the kind of assignments we might get and the way we should study the topics taught.

The course has definitely helped me prepare for the future as one of my main reasons for enrolling myself into the course was to provide a base for the courses I want to take in college and it helped me do that.”

– Tiya from India, student of a personalised 20 hour online course in Business Management & Psychology

•  "Tiya was very enthusiastic from the moment she started the course, and it was great to be able to set her up with two brilliant teachers to cover both of her interests. It was fascinating to see how these two subjects, seemingly unrelated at first, combined together to give her the background she needed to properly conceptualise how running a business would work.”
– Luke, Tiya's Personal Adviser

What’s included in the Online Business Management Course package?
• A personalised course in business for your chosen number of hours (of one-to-one contact time with your dedicated tutor).
• An Intensive Course available in a choice of 10, 20 or 40 hour bundles (10 Hours - Introduction to a Subject,  20 Hours - for an In-depth Study,  40 Hours - for Advanced Learning).
• Flexible times to suit you and your tutor.
• Homework assignments can be provided upon request at no additional cost.
• A complimentary reflection session at the end of the course.
• A course report and Certificate from your course tutor.
• Optional 5-hour enrichment courses on Leadership skills, Study skills, Exam and Interview Prep skills.
• Special discounts for our 4-week residential Summer program in the UK (where you can choose two subject courses to study at the same time.)

Contact us today about starting one of our short, intensive business management courses, and to discuss a flexible study schedule around your time zone and plans for college or university.

Note that you can also study more than one subject with Reach Cambridge online school, and many of our students do. Your personal adviser will be happy to discuss and organise a customised package to suit your needs.

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