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Online Pre-University Courses / Tutoring from Cambridge, UK

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Reach Cambridge - Online Pre-University Courses / Private Tutoring for ages 13 to 23:
Online pre-university / college prep courses via Private Tuition through Zoom from the comfort of your own home - for UK & international students globally of ages 13 to 24 years old: Based since 2005 in the historic city of Cambridge in England, Reach Cambridge has provided thousands of young people from all over the world with the opportunity to prepare for their futures in a university environment in one of the top educational facilities in the world.

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With over 15 years specialising in providing quality academic courses for high school students & young adults, we know that matching a student with the right tutor is essential for offering a truly transformative learning experience. Our one-to-one approach is highly personalised, beginning with a Free Advice Session based on the information in your personalised learning form. Contact us today to learn more about your preferred subject, and to discuss a flexible study schedule around your time zone and plans for college or university.

A Unique Online Education Experience for Teens & Young Adults Globally:

Photo of Online Pre-University Courses / Tutoring from Cambridge, UK
• At Reach Cambridge, we offer a one-to-one course and tutor dedicated to your needs and future, delivered online for high school students & young adults of ages 13 to 24 years old.

- The purpose of our pre-university courses with personalised lessons from an expert tutor in that field is to give you a taste of the academic standard likely to be at the college or university that best matches your interest, and to enable you to learn the basics in your preferred subject, and lay the foundation for your future degree studies. 

• Our Year-Round Online Programs are already popular globally with high school students & young adults in countries such as Australia, Canada, Greece, China / Hong Kong, Italy, India, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK, UAE, USA, and more. Please contact us about starting a course in your country.

• A huge benefit of these online courses for our new students is that they are one-to-one private tutoring-based. This means that the curriculum is oriented solely around each student's individual requirements to expand his/her knowledge base, and to challenge and prepare you for your future academic studies at university or college in the UK or elsewhere around the world.

• Delivered in a more of a tutoring format than our usual on-campus summer programs, our Courses still fall within Reach Cambridge’s usual "mission to bridge the gap between school and university learning and to help students explore their academic passions" free of the normal stresses and constraints associated with exam-driven schooling.

We also offer tailored courses for groups of students or families, and we would be very happy to discuss this with you.

• Whether you’re looking to expand your existing passion for a specific education subject or to discover something new, our online courses are perfect for every interest and every level!

What we offer:
• Exceptional Tutors – Learn from leading scholars and professionals, all experts in their fields.
• Convenience – Experience academic excellence without your child leaving your home.
• Flexibility – Choose how and when your child learns, and build a curriculum that’s right for your teen.
• 100% Live Tuition – Receive personal and customisable tuition via Zoom video, with no pre-recorded lessons.
• Many of our teachers are working or studying at high-level academic institutions such as Cambridge, Oxford or London universities. They usually are Fellows, Professors, researchers or postgraduates and specialists in their field.
Money Back Guarantee – With a free tailoring session and a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the first lesson, you have nothing to lose!

How the Online Program works:
• Step 1: You choose your course
• Step 2: You complete our quick personalised learning form
• Step 3: Schedule a free one-to-one session with our experienced advisers.

A member of our advisory team will then match your teenager with an exceptional Reach Cambridge tutor, and your child can enjoy his/her first lesson in the knowledge that we will offer a full money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

All Reach Cambridge online courses include the following:
• A personalised course on your chosen subject for your chosen number of hours (hours represent one-to-one contact time)
• A tutor dedicated to your growth and the Reach Cambridge online courses learning objectives
• Optional enrichment courses on Study skills and Leadership skills
• Homework assignments can be provided upon request at no additional cost
• Flexible timings to suit you and your tutor
• A Reach Cambridge certificate for your personalised course
• Special discounts for our residential programs.

Pre-University Academic Courses:

Image of Online Pre-University Courses / Tutoring from Cambridge, UK- Choose from among these tried & tested University-style courses and receive personalised lessons from an expert in that field (based on your specific areas of interest).
- Courses available in 10, 20 or 40 hour bundles.

• Architecture
• Biotechnology
• Business Management
• Computer Science
• Creative Writing
• Economics
• Engineering
• Journalism & Media
• English Language (ESOL)
• English Literature
• Law
• Mathematics
• Medicine & Life Sciences
• Physics
• Politics & International Relations
• Psychology
• SAT Preparation
• Sustainability
• Social & Political Sciences
• STEM (Science, technology, engineering & mathematics).

with Optional Enrichment Classes - Leadership Skills and Study Skills:
Why not complement your academic course with additional hours of enhancing your leadership or study skills?

All of our private online lessons take place over Zoom.
Our class bundles begin at 10, 20, or 40 hours of subject study with the option to supplement with leadership and study skills. Additional hours of study can be booked at a preferential rate by speaking to a member of our advisory team.

Through each one-to-one course, students will:
- Improve subject knowledge
- Acquire key skills
- Increase his/her confidence
- Overcome insecurities
- Grow in independence
- Challenge expectations of learning and of yourself
- Explore new ideas and theories
- Take control of his/her education
- Learn about university life
- Have fun learning online!

• We offer bespoke courses to groups, and we would be very happy to discuss this with you for our online courses. Please contact us below with your specifications and one of our team will respond.

• Students can benefit from our one-to-one personalised online lessons and join us in Cambridge for one of our international spring or summer programs.

• At Reach Cambridge, we are very proud of the fact that most of our families apply to us based on positive feedback and recommendations from siblings, friends or their school.

A Completely Personalised Approach to Learning:

Photos of Reach Cambridge - Online Pre-University Courses / Private Tutoring for ages 13 to 23
How it Works:
Our expert adviser matches you or your high school teen with one of our exceptional tutors who is a specialist in the subject, and stays in touch with the student throughout their learning experience.

We are so confident in our team of tutors and the ability of our advisers to match the student with the right, tutor that once a match is made, we offer a free Money Back Guarantee after the first tutoring session if you are not completely satisfied. Every tutoring experience ends in a review and graduation session with your personal adviser, with the offer of ongoing study support as required.

Reach Cambridge Summer School in the UK:

Picture of Online Pre-University Courses / Tutoring from Cambridge, UKReach Cambridge Tutors is a sister organisation of Reach Cambridge Summer Schools and we have been running international academic programs in Cambridge, England since 2005 for high school students ages 14-18 years old.

Many of our tutors work across both organisations – teaching in person in the summer and tutoring online during the year. Indeed the residential summer school is a perfect complement to one of our online packages of tuition, as it incorporates aspects that can only be experienced in person.

Based on feedback from our students who attend our summer program and their families, we introduced the online pre-university courses to enable us to offer the same high-quality level of academic learning and the best of British education to people who may be unable to join us on-campus for a program in Cambridge, England.

Reach Cambridge Student Reviews:

Images of Reach Cambridge - Online Pre-University Courses / Private Tutoring for ages 13 to 23• "I have such a good teacher. I've made so many notes for my AP Psychology next year - so excited!"
Jocelyn from USA, Psychology studies.

• "Reach Cambridge 2020 offered me a personalised learning experience for concepts and advice I had never been exposed to in school. Because all the sessions were tailored to enrich my individual study skills, Reach allowed me to really make the most of this course online."
Ciara from Australia, Business Management & Economics course.

• "This course is very interesting and informative. It gives you a taste of studying in Cambridge and working in the field as a researcher."

Michelle from Canada, Biotechnology studies.

"The course showed me that Politics & International Relations is something I'm very passionate about and something I would like to pursue as a career path."
Rebecca from UK, Politics & International Relations course.

• "It was an amazing and memorable experience to learn more about what I’m interested in and all the teachers are super nice!"
Nicole from Hong Kong, Medicine & Life Sciences course.

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