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Image of Reach Cambridge - Online Pre-University Courses / Private Tutoring for ages 13 to 23 Reach Cambridge - Online Pre-University Courses / Private Tutoring for ages 13 to 23:
A basic definition of mathematics (or maths or math, depending where you are in the world) is that mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space and change, using a range of different numerical approaches including algebra, calculus and basic arithmetic.

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Mathematics and statistics are certainly subjects which intrigue students who possess the desire to study something challenging, interesting, and mentally stimulating. A course in mathematics is also attractive to those of you who may also want to develop your problem solving and logical reasoning skills. A degree in mathematics is a professional pathway for those interested in solutions and solving real-world problems.

Universities and colleges typically accept students into mathematics degree programs who have performed well in math at high school and further education levels before applying. At university, maths is taught on the assumption that the student has a solid foundation and concrete understanding of basic concepts in maths and applied mathematics before beginning a course.

Short & Intensive Mathematics Courses Online:
Taught in bundles of 10, 20 or 40 hours (10 Hours - Introduction to a Subject, 20 Hours - In-depth Study, 40 Hours - Advanced Learning).

Photo of Online Mathematics University / College Prep ProgramAt Reach Cambridge, our Mathematics online courses and tutoring classes provide students with the unique opportunity to engage with advanced concepts in mathematics in a rigorous academic setting. 

Through studying mathematical topics such as differentiation, integration, matrices, polynomials, probability, statistics, and game theory, students have a chance to enhance their theoretical understanding of the subject matter, to build their confidence in their computational skills, and apply their abilities to real world applications of mathematics in various fields and industries.

Reach Cambridge students are also encouraged to think critically about equity in maths and science education around the world, and are encouraged to explore the diverse forms that mathematics can take, and to think about both abstract theoretical approaches and practical applications.

Based since 2005 in the historic city of Cambridge in England, Reach Cambridge has provided thousands of young people from all over the world with the opportunity to prepare for their futures in a university environment in one of the top educational facilities in the world. With expert support from our experienced teaching staff, students are able to realise their mathematical potential!

Our Online Programs are already popular in countries such as Australia, Canada, Greece, Hong Kong / China, Italy, India, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK, UAE, USA & more.

Contact us today about starting a course in your preferred academic subject, and to discuss a flexible study schedule around your time zone and plans for college or university.

Note that you can also study more than one subject with Reach Cambridge online school, and many of our students do. Your personal adviser will be happy to discuss and organise a customised package to match your study needs and aspirations.

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