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Image of Reach Cambridge - Online Pre-University Courses / Private Tutoring for ages 13 to 23 Reach Cambridge - Online Pre-University Courses / Private Tutoring for ages 13 to 23:
Psychology is a social science based on scientific method, and is a fascinating area of study. Requiring both rigorous scientific method and profoundly open thought, no other subject addresses both the Sciences and the Humanities in quite the same way. Psychology examines the mind, human behaviour and experience, through both scientific research and conceptual theorising.

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From Freudian psychoanalysis to the latest advances in brain-scanning, psychology addresses the essential question of what it is to be human. It helps you to value scientific methods, to understand human behaviour and mental processes, to appreciate human development in its stages, and allow you to better understand how we think act and feel. 

Short & Intensive Psychology Courses Online:
- Taught in bundles of 10, 20 or 40 hours (10 Hours - Introduction to a Subject, 20 Hours - In-depth Study, 40 Hours - Advanced Learning).
- For UK & international students of ages 13 to 24 years old based anywhere around the world.

Photo of Short Online Psychology University / College Prep Program• At Reach Cambridge Online, we provide students with a broad and engaging introduction to the many different areas of psychology that can be pursued at university / college level.

• From the workings of the cognitive mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension, to the ethics and methodology of psychological research, this psychology leaves students with a solid foundation and understanding of the many varied strands which make up this heterogeneous subject.

• Whether delving into the nature of memory or examining the mainsprings of obedience and authority, Reach Cambridge students are invited to consider the fundamental questions of psychology and are encouraged to put forward their own opinions for discussion.

• The subject touches upon a wide range of research areas such as behaviourism, cognitive psychology, social psychology, neuroscience, psychopathology, developmental psychology and bio-psychology. The course covers interesting topics such as how the brain works, how the mind develops through childhood, how society influences the individual, why people obey others, or what constitutes personality.

• Our Online Pre-University / College Prep Programs are already popular in countries such as Australia, Canada, Greece, Hong Kong / China, Italy, India, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK, UAE, USA & more.

Business & Psychology Student Review:
•  “I feel that the amazing faculty played the most important role in my understanding and love of the courses. I also feel that the material available like all the powerpoints and all the assignments that we did were extremely informative and helpful.

My favourite topics were personal finance and anomalistic psychology. Personal finance helped me learn how to manage my own money and see my own expenses. Anomalistic psychology was also one of my favourites as it was a lot of fun to study.

The course has definitely helped me prepare for the future as one of my main reasons for enrolling myself into the course was to provide a base for the courses I want to take in college and it helped me do that.”

– Tiya from India, student of a personalised 20 hour online course in Business Management & Psychology.

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Note that you can also study more than one subject with Reach Cambridge online school, and many of our students do. Your personal adviser will be happy to discuss and organise a customised package to suit your needs.

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