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Play The Impossible Dream - Mouse-controlled Flying Game

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Help an eccentric graffiti artist to realize the missing parts of his dream! The Impossible Dream is a quirky, exciting and highly-challenging flying game where you must direct a young artistic character through a series of fun and wonderful levels (He flies along on the back of a colorful paint-emitting spray can!). Our rebellious hero had earlier fallen asleep on a park bench, and his ‘impossible’ dreams are the 10 progressively-difficult levels where you must guide him through dangerous, obstacle-filled terrain on his makeshift paint-propelled rocket. But be very careful! - Each level features colorful stalagmite / stalactite-type hindrances, and rotating barriers as well as amazing drawings which come to life, and try to knock your flying hero out of the sky!

This is a souped-up, wacky game is likely inspired by the simple mouse-clicking arcade game ‘Helicopter’ where you have to keep a rising and falling chopper out of harm’s way on a side-scrolling game screen (Here, you swap the helicopter for a spray paint can!). Really fast reactions, excellent hand-eye coordination and mouse control are the key to your success here as you swiftly dodge and weave to avoid the many weird creatures and unusual obstacles. So, it’s time to dream the impossible! But, can you succeed in fulfilling the dream? This really fits the definition of a wild ride!

How to Play: Your objective is to reach the end of the 10 increasingly-challenging levels (pieces of your character's overall dream) without falling off of your spray paint can / rocket (By clearing each level, your character realizes a piece of his dream). Collect floating coins along your airborne adventure that can be used to purchase upgrades between each flying attempt or level.

Your unconventional aircraft accelerates automatically from left to right across the side scrolling game screen. Use your computer mouse to control its height. Left Click and hold to ascend toward the top of the game area, and release the click to descend toward the bottom. Use this rising & falling method of control to swiftly avoid as many obstacles as you can. Press Spacebar to fire missiles, and the Shift Key to fire homing missiles - to help clear your path of oncoming hindrances.

The key is to reach ‘Checkpoints’ in each level that save your progress. It might be very rare that you complete a level in full without crashing out of the sky (This happens when you lose all 3 of the heart units from your Health Bar at the top of the game screen). In between each flight, you can visit the ‘Shop’ to purchase upgrades. These include extra shooting missiles, or the ability to be able to slow down your progress giving you more time to control your movements (Once you have purchased some ‘brake juice’, you can press the X Key while flying to slow down your paint rocket). You can also purchase limited units of Invincibility (which are activated using the Z Key). Enjoy the ride!

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