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Futuristic Maze Puzzle Game - Fault Line

Rating: 8.3/10 - 533 votes

Fault Line is a really clever and innovative platform puzzle game. Connect, fold and click on parts (Nodes) of each level to unlock and create new pathways to progress. You play the role of a little robotic character who has the power to create “Fault Lines” – special folds in the game screen that create routes to allow him into seemingly inaccessible parts of each maze. In each level, your goal is to reach the exit - a purple teleport pad located somewhere within the maze. Walls, spikes, and other obstacles may impede your path, so you’ll have to quickly maneuver the little guy around.

This tricky brain teaser will really test and exercise your strategic planning and creative engineering skills, as you have to carefully create new pathways by folding the world on top of itself. It will also test your cognitive and prediction abilities, as you have to guess when and where to make a fold to maximize your chances of progressing. There is plenty of trial and error required in this challenging problem solving activity, so you’ll have to be patient. Ready for some fast futuristic action? Good, let’s hope you don’t fold under the pressure!

How to Play: Control your robot character using your computer keyboard. Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys to maneuver him around the game screen. In each maze, you have to find an exit – a purple teleporter pad. Throughout each level, you'll find "Join Nodes" which, when connected, fold parts of the level together so you can reach this goal. Connect these Nodes to form a Fault Line that squishes the game screen on top of itself to make new openings for your little robot to navigate through. To do this, move your target using your computer mouse. Left Click and drag from one Node to the other and release. The part of the game area between the two Nodes will fold in on itself. To undo a fold, simply Left Click on the joined-up Node.

Sometimes there are little platforms that undo the folds when you jump onto them. The levels increase in difficulty, with moving ledges, spikes, and other obstacles that impede your path. In later levels, the folds become more complex and you have to fold quickly and accurately in order to reach the teleport exit pad. Moving objects may disappear inside a fold, then come out on the other side. Some levels begin with folds already in place that can't be removed. You have unlimited amount of lives, but if you hit off a spike or laser beam, you are transported back to the start of the level. You also have unlimited time, but challenge yourself to solve each puzzle as fast as you can.

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