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Learn4Good provides free online games & fun, thinking puzzles for children & teens to play with friends and family. Mobile games is one category on this site. The majority of the latest games below can be played on mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop. More games are coming very soon! Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

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Master Chess Multiplayer

Play regular / classic chess online against the computer across three difficulty levels, or challenge yourself and play against other players across the internet! If that doesn't interest you, play with your friend on the same screen! Master Chess Multiplayer: is a chess board simulation game for enthusiasts (young children, teenagers & grown ups) who want to play good, old-fashioned virtual chess at its finest. Enjoy the challenge!

This is a game where you can play the classic board game chess! This is great for developing your strategic thinking, your awareness and your concentration levels! To win, you must be on the very top of your game and be focusing hard! Good luck!

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Idle Startup Tycoon

Experience the thrill of running your very own big tech company in Idle Startup Tycoon, an idle simulation game that lets you experience all the joys of running such a company, without any of the stress associated with it. In Idle Startup Tycoon, while you will need to manage all of the big investment operations and recruitment processes, you will not need to worry about the smaller stuff. That’s right, like other idle games, your workforce will keep generating you income even when you are not there or online. This helps to make Idle Startup Tycoon not only an incredibly enjoyable game, but it is a game that doesn’t demand your attention all the time. The perfect game for unwinding after a long day don’t you think? Black screen may appear for up to 20 seconds at the start of the game as it is being loaded - please be patient.

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Tricky Kick

Tricky Kick is a cool football game where you can dribble past opponents and score all by just clicking. Change the ball's direction by clicking/tapping and eventually have a shot and try to score! Beware of the defenders in the way who will attempt to tackle you, and the pesky goalkeeper who will try to stop your shots!

The game is a really cool way to score good goals, with achievements available for ‘Ronaldo' or ‘Messi' type goals. Use coins for achievements to get cooler soccer balls to play with. The real commentary from football matches makes this game super fun to play.

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For centuries the Rivadis Empire ruled the continent in its shine and glory. Time for a takeover has come! Lead one of the 3 nations in the battle in this real-time strategy game. Takeover is a challenging, strategy-based, point-and-click adventure game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC. Your task is to conquer all towns and rival empire castles whilst at the same time protecting your own. 

Skills required: This fun game requires a blend of good analytical thinking skills, logical problem-solving determination, strategy, anticipation skills, and a good dose of common sense.

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Idle Arks Sail And Build

The sea, a boundless wonder that is as beautiful as it is merciless. In Idle Arks: Sail and Build, you will help lead a band of shipwreck survivors as they navigate the near-endless open ocean. Collect driftwood to build and upgrade your ship, gather resources and treasures that drift past, and rescue survivors and animals along the way to increase the size of your crew and earn passive bonuses. As the name might hint to, it is a classic Idle game, meaning your crew will continue to gather resources as you are away. Idle Arks is a simple and solid game that will entertain you for many hours.

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Candy Crusher

Candy Crusher in an online matching game phenomenon that has taken the web by storm. Find out what all the fuss is about by playing the original browser version of this simple ‘match three’ game where you have to swap colorful candies around a large grid to make a match of three or more of the tempting sweets in a row. Earn as many points as you can before you use up all your moves (matches must be horizontal or vertical), and score huge bonuses for hitting combos.

Your ultimate goal is to score as many ‘Candy Points’ as you can within the moves limit; you have a certain amount of 'moves' to swap around the candy to try make 3 in a row! This fun and addicting matching game has proven to be a huge hit with little & Big kids around the world, especially fans of classic ‘Match 3’ games such as ‘Bejeweled’, or anyone who enjoys a good-old visual puzzle. Test your concentration, observation and decision-making skills as you scope out the match that will yield the highest points return. Your reactions and reflexes need to be quick! Are you sweet to start?

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One Escape

Animals have replaced the human race in this game’s bizarre timeline yet act just like us. In One Escape, you will follow the story of a trio of animal bank robbers as they try to bust themselves out of prison after a failed bank heist. Play through 20 levels for each of the three characters (60 in total), using their unique special skills to overcome the challenges they will face. Help Dook the duck, Gor the gorilla, and Hog the…hog in this incredibly fun and pixelated puzzle platformer!

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Amaze is a fun, unusual and challenging puzzle game for young kids where you have to conquer all the free space in the shape! This unusual brain-teaser activity should help to improve your concentration and observation skills. This is really simple to play and very, very addictive, so come and have a go!

Your mission is to eat all the space up within the shape and conquer all of the available area! You need quick hands and a good understanding of puzzles. Use your puzzle solving expertise to figure the best way around this challenge! When you move the ball, if you press left for instance, the ball will continue moving left until it hits the wall. Bare this in mind when trying to move the ball to get that last bit of space!

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Shopping Mall Tycoon

Run your own business empire as you develop and manage a food and shopping strip in Shopping Mall Tycoon. Become the talk of the town as you keep developing the strip to pull in as many customers as you can with burger and ice cream shops to fruit markets and clothing stores. The more people that come by the more money you will make and the quicker your empire will grow! Set back, relax and watch the coins roll in!

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Super Tetris

Super Tetris is an online version of the beloved arcade classic. In this game, drop assorted grid based shapes and try to complete horizontal lines to remove blocks from the game. Allowing the shapes to pile up to the top will lose you the game and send your score back to zero! Try completing multiple lines at once to earn multiplier bonuses.

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Merge And Fly

Get ready for a multi-tasking, business management challenge setan airport! Merge and Fly is a tricky online property developer simulation game where you play the role of an airport that is trying to make money by having planes run around on its runway! You must buy planes and keep them moving...the faster they move and the more planes that are moving...the more money you can make.

The aim of this game is to make as much money as possible from the planes that you have in circulation. To get more money, you need more planes to be moving around at a faster pace. You can click and drag one plane onto another to upgrade it too! You’ll need to use solid money management skills & canny business acumen in order to succeed in this educational decision-making activity for older kids, teens and college students. Good strategic planning is the key to hitting your targets as you have to choose the best plane, best upgrade and best time to buy as money is finite. Think you can run an airport and make money? Let's find out.

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Nerf Epic Pranks

Nerf! Epic Pranks is a reflex based shooter game, in which your character pranks their friends while shooting them as they are doing something! Once you start shooting a friend, they'll turn round, with their cone of vision in front of them. You'll have to avoid their vision by hiding, and time your shots well to hit them with enough shots for them to explode into a cloud of confetti! Completing levels earns coins that can be spent on fun visual upgrades such as new characters and new Nerf! Guns.

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Pirate's Hidden Objects

Use sharp sleuthing skills to spot old-style and antique items the pirates are hiding on their ship! Pirate's Hidden Objects is a fun, easy-to-play hidden object game for mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop and desktop. You need to find all of the items listed on the right side of the screen. Complete the level before the time runs out to receive bonus points!.

This interesting, online visual puzzle requires very good concentration levels and observation skills as you try to pick out specific objects in extremely-cluttered spaces. The items are often small and nondescript – so you need to be ‘in the zone’ if you want to be a sleuthing success! Happy hidden object finding!

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Stick Fight Combo

Become a NINJA with Stick Fight Combo! Take swordfighting to the next level as you defeat your enemies with your ninja skills. The aim of this game is fight off evil by using hits and combinations. Just like your favourite animated movie character, you are the hero in Stick Fight Combo, with its authentic and gritty graphic novel theme.

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Water Shooty

Water Shooty is a unique action game for kids, teens and grownups, where you use your shooting skills to destroy a wide range of wacky characters in an endless amount of weird and wonderful ways! Get ready for some mind-boggling explosive action.

OK, your mission is to wipe out your enemies who are firing at you too! You will take cover and then the best tip is to time your shots when they are not firing! You can see how many more shots they are able to take until they are eliminated above their head. This will test your timing skills, hand eye coordination and expert marksmanship. Have you got the skills required?

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Classic Bowling

Fancy yourself as a brilliant bowling Kingpin? If so, smash a strike, salvage a spare, and score as close to a ‘Perfect Game’ as possible in this tricky interactive bowling simulation game - playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC. Classic Bowling is an easy-to-play yet challenging, ten pin bowling game where your task is to score as highly as you can in standard 10-frame bowling. Adjust your bowler's lane position, shot power and curve action, and figure out the best way to smash into the pins with precision accuracy!

Skills required: Just like with bowling in real life, this is a game of very fine margins. Accurate and tactful mouse clicking / keyboard control / finger tapping reaction skills, depending on the device you choose to play with, are vitally important. Smart strategy, good concentration and timing skills are also key as you seek to score high with each shot.

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99 Balls Evo

Play a strategic and quirky version of breakout on your mobile, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! 99 Balls Evo is a highly-challenging and addicting ball shooting arcade game and accuracy-based puzzler for kids, teens and adults where you must clear the game screen of colored balls by repeatedly hitting them (Each ball has a number on it which corresponds to the number of times it must be hit before it disappears). Firing multi-ball efforts from the bottom of the play area, you must creatively use angles and the trajectory of your shots to keep the emerging rows of numbered balls from reaching the bottom of the game screen.

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Color Switch

Become immersed in the highly-addictive PC and mobile phenomenon that is Color Switch – an intense, ‘one-level’ tapping, gravity and timing-based, ball control game and visual challenge for kids, teens, adults and seniors! (This online version should work on most PC browsers and Android mobile phone or tablet devices.) Here, you must keep an ascending little dot (ball) under control by guiding it as far as possible through rotating, multi-colored obstacles. The catch is that your gravity-affected ball can only pass through an obstacle when it matches the color of the obstacle's panel – so you must time your movements very carefully! The ball also changes color in between each obstacle, so there is no opportunity to relax, and you must keep alert to the changing game environment at all times!

Reasons to play: Color Switch is a fun, immersive and highly-stimulating reaction skills game offering a wacky twist on the hugely popular Flappy Bird concept. Color Switch provides an awesome test and exercise of your concentration levels, hand-eye coordination, patience, timing and reflex speed as you are constantly keeping the ball on the move with swift screen tapping or mouse clicking actions. Great determination and a willingness for trial and error are also key required skills as you strive to beat your own best score with each new attempt!

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Military Shooter Training

Military Shooter Training is a fast-paced combat action game for teens where you get to play the role of an elite commando (special forces) in training. This highly satisfying and addicting game will have you playing for hours. A little tip...aim for the head as this earns you more points! Go go go!

The aim of the game is to perfect your marksmanship skills with the rifle! The game consists of 600 challenging levels for the Stage Mode; 8 Sections on Time Race; and 6 Sections for Battle. You may try to unlock Rifles (5 Standard and 15 Premium); Bullets (5 Standard and 15 Premium); Red Dot (5 Standard and 15 Premium); and Gears (2 Standard and 2 Premium). You may also unlock upgrade such as Wind Effect and Zoom Effect. This game will test your sharp-shooting skills, accuracy, patience as well as your eyes and hands coordination. Sounds good right? So what are you waiting for? Grab a chair and show off your shooting skills. Enjoy!

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Hanger 2

Hanger 2 is a skill-based simulation game for older kids, teens and grownups where you have to swing your way through each world and try to finish every level without losing arms, legs or other body parts. This fun-tastic action adventure game requires expert precision swinging skills, quick nimble fingers and a healthy desire not to get smashed to bits! Swinging from a rope has never been so entertaining! Have a blast! Show us your hanging ability!

OK, let’s swing into action! Your goal is to swing (like Tarzan) from the left to the right of the game screen without hitting yourself off any rocks or buildings (above and below) or dropping off the screen. When you swing, touch the shiny stars to earn points. Every time you hit the rocks, you may lose body parts or hurt yourself badly. Ouch!! If you are badly injured, it’s game over - you're Toast! Hanger 2 is the sequel to the popular Ragdoll game. There are 23 levels to swing your way through. At the end of each level, you see your Score, amount of Body Parts lost, amount of Stars collected and the amount of Ropes you used. Good luck Raggedy Rope Swinger!

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Basketball Master

Prove yourself to be a true virtual basketball hotshot by scoring increasingly-difficult throws using a drag-and-drop shooting action! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, Basketball Master is a straight-forward, fun yet challenging basketball simulation where you use your computer mouse or tapping action to score as many baskets in a row as possible. This can be extremely tricky with the shots becoming more difficult as you progress – with obstacles and moving targets being introduced as the shots to take on get harder and harder. There is simply no room for error in Basketball Master; one missed shot, and your game is over! Keep trying to increase your high score with each new run!

This multi-level, HTML5-based, street basketball / ball throwing simulation game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include focus, sharp hand-eye coordination, good anticipation skills and judgment of the flight trajectory, and a real determination and will to win. Problem-solving and analytical thinking skills come into play as you work to figure out the correct looping angle and trajectory for each new shot. An acceptance of trial and error is also important; if you fail on one particular level, try and learn from your mistake on the next shot.

Controls: On PC / laptop as well as on mobile devices, you shoot using a drag and release shooting action. Drag with your computer mouse cursor on PC / notebook, and with your finger on mobile / tablet. A dotted target line (of basketballs) appears as your aiming and flight guide. Release your click or finger to shoot.

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Tower Builder

Tower Builder - Get ready to become completely immersed in this addicting physics-based game, a pressure environment that is all about balance. This game will test your ideas of balance and devleop your timing skills whilst giving you a lot of fun along the way! Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to create a tower that is as high as possible. Although it initially looks like a simple figure puzzle game created for  kids – it isn’t that simple. This is a game for all ages, and requires a basic understanding of science – gravity, mass, geometry and how balance work. Perfect balance is considered when no object is wobbling or sliding. When an object is unstable – you can see some stardust glowing on the unstable object. Although unstable objects may stand still – they may have fractional motion and this is considered as “almost perfect balance”. Use this and your timing skills to achieve perfect balance and get a high score!

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Dexomon is a fun Pokemon style game where you need to adventure around the map fighting against other monsters as you try to fill up your deck with them all. Defeat each round of monsters as you train them to be ready for the final boss fight.

The aim of this game is to defeat the individual monsters and add them to your deck, all in preparation for the final boss fight! This fun-yet-tricky game is a good test of your clicking skills, memory, concentration and reaction skills as you have to quickly dispatch the monster on the other side to you! Learn and understand what attacks work well and which ones don't. From there you will be able to decide on a plan on how to defeat these things! Go get 'em!

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Knife Skill

Sit back and relax (if you can) with Knife Skill, an enjoyable carnival/competition game that offers the right amount of challenge. The aim of the game is to throw all of the knives given to you into the spinning target, making sure to not let any of your knives hit each other. Make sure to aim for apples as a secondary objective — collect enough of them, and you can unlock some other awesome knives. Test your knife skills!

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Space Jet Racing

Play a fast-paced, jet flying game and survive for as long as possible without hitting any objects by moving left or right. Space Jet Racing is a fast reactions-based skill game with 10 levels for you to complete which get progressively harder. Try to collect bonus points on the way by flying through hoops so you can buy cool new space jets! Playable on iOS and Android devices as well as on notebook, laptop and desktop PC.

This hard HTML5-based action game requires very sharp reflexes and anticipation skills, good hand-eye coordination, determination, and a willingness for trial and error as you get used to the extremely high pace of the game play.

How to play: On mobile devices you will have to tilt your device horizontaly and use your fingers to tap on the left or right side of the screen to navigate, for PC use arrows on the keyboard to move.

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Bowmastery Zombies

Bowmastery Zombie combines some of the favorite game styles you love and remains fun no matter how many times you play. Don't you hate zombies and want to shoot them with arrows? Then this game is right for you!

The game is simple: you have a bow and arrow and zombies waiting to be shot. That is the entire premise. But it is harder than it seems. You will have to aim accurately and sometimes shoot around obstacles and use them to your advantage. Stay aware of your surroundings and get creative - it isn't always an arrow that can kill a zombie.

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Assassin's Creed Freerunners

Journey to the far past and test your acrobatic prowess in Assassin’s Creed Freerunners, an addictive spinoff of the successful games of the same name. Face off against other assassin masters as you run and jump across rooftops, swing over traps, scale great heights, and take a Leap of Faith. Collect coins and earn prize money to unlock other legendary characters from the series. This is one amazing 2D platformer that you will not regret playing!

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Tic Tac Toe Mania

Tic Tac Toe Mania is an easy-to-play online version of the timeless classic 2-player pencil & paper game of the past, also known as Naughts and Crosses. Compete against the computer or a friend in a strategic race to get four O’s or X’s in a row. Set on a simple 5x5 grid with 20 spaces, your goal is to get 4 of your symbol in a row - either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Use simple strategy and logic to try and get that often-elusive row of three X’s or O’s. Games of Tic Tac Toe often end up in a tie, so try to confuse your opponent with unorthodox moves and super-fast play. Have you got the tactical know-how to become the Tic Tac Toe champ in town? Sometimes, the simplest games can be the most fun!

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Space Blaze 2

Space Blaze 2 is a space invaders style flying game, in which you control a spaceship that can move left and right to avoid or destroy enemy ships. On the way, collect stars and boosts. Boosts will give short-term in level benefits such as powerful lasers or extra shields, while stars can be spent in the main menu on permanent ship upgrades and even new powerful ships!

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Street Race Pursuit

Skilled virtual driver required for high-speed, time pressure, getaway maneuvers – must be able to avoid collisions and collect cash bundles on the run! Street Race Pursuit is a high octane, getaway chase / driving action game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC. Here, you play the role of a ‘virtual cash collector’, and must zoom around the streets collecting bundles of notes with a set target in mind while racing against the clock. So, the pressure is on! The police are constantly in hot pursuit, and you must reach your cash goal before the clock runs out!

Skills required: This straight forward, 2-button car driving game requires really sharp reflexes as you dodge and weave around the confined street environments. Good anticipation skills are also key – One small mistake could result in the police reclaiming some of your treasured loot, and you losing valuable time. A flair for the spectacular is also much-needed – You won't complete many levels by driving with polite regard for the rules of the road. You've really got to burn rubber in this one!

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Pop Star Girls Dress Up

Show off your pop star style in this fun makeup and dress up where you're a STAR! Its time to dress up the pop star for a huge show! Start with your famous fashion doll and walk her around the house to dress her up, do her hair and makeup. Don't forget to do a photoshoot to show off your glam. Playable on most mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop browsers! Pop Star Girls Dress Up is a straight-forward, virtual makeover simulation game where you have the fun opportunity to work your creative magic on a beautiful model.

Reasons to play: This makeup simulation game should prove a good fun activity for girls who enjoy fashion and quirky makeup styles while unleashing their creative spirit. If you have aspirations of one day working in the beauty industry or as a makeover artist, you can experiment with the many different motifs on show here!

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Road Crash

Do you have a need? A need for speed? If so, Road Crash is perfect for you. This high-speed racing game will have you whipping down the road in no time. It will also have you crashing into quite a few cars and will leave you breathless.

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Basket Swooshes

Basket Swooshes: Challenge your basketball skills in this exciting fast paced game! Beat your opponent by shooting more goals than them. First to 11 wins. You play as a nation of your choice in a tournament and you represent them! Do your best to win! Good luck.

Shoot goals into the hoop and beat your opponent getting to 11 successful shots. This game requires good accuracy with the mouse as this is how you will control the trajectory of your shot.

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Line of Defense

War has come to the doorstep of your country, and they need you to man the defences and beat back all the enemies in Line Defense! In Line Defense, you will take command of the anti-artillery weapon station and blast apart the growing waves of enemy tanks. However, things are never that simple, for you will need to match the cannon shell with the colour of the approaching tank. Only cannon shells of the same colour are acceptable, firing a wrong-coloured shell towards a tank of a different colour will result in you losing the game. Line of Defense is an enjoyable tap focused game that will put you through a real challenge the further you make it.

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Wobble Boss

Wobble Boss: It’s a fun challenge, but an extremely tricky escape game. You must sneak past your boss and escape the office. You can use things to help you such as tablets and chairs to hide behind. As long as you stay out of their site, which is indicated by a red cone of vision, you will not be seen. Have you got the cunning skills to escape, unnoticed? Come and find out!

Escape the room without getting caught to progress. Get out of the door, and use objects to help you. Beware of lights and cameras that will also spot you! The key to this game is planning. Take time to weight up the best approach and then use handy keyboard skills to precisely move around the office in silence! Imagine this is for real, how would you best approach the task?

How to Play: Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move the character. W/Up arrow moves forward, press S/Down arrow to move backwards and then press A/D or the left or right arrow to move left and right respectively. On mobile, swipe the screen where you would like the character to move. Keep hold of the screen to continue moving, release the screen to stop! Good luck!

This HTML5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and PC/Mac browsers.

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Rugby Down Hero

Rugby Down Hero is a hardcore game where you have to clear through levels while avoiding enemies. Take them down if needed, or simply avoid them by moving around. Get three energy drinks to perform an attack and eliminate enemies in front of you.

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Draw Climber Online

Here is a game truly unlike any you have played before. In Draw Climber you have to draw the windmilling legs of a block to get it across the finish line. Try to keep your line straight in order to keep moving smoothly.

Each course will consist of a straight path with various levels. You will be moving forward against an opponent on another track and all you have to do is draw a line that is straight and long enough to keep pushing forward.

How the Play: When each match begins, you will first have to draw the line that will become your block's propelling system. The line you draw will then be used like a windmill to propel you forward. That is why you need to make sure you draw a very straight line that is just long enough.

You can play this game on your touchscreen device and it is best that way. Use your finger to draw the straightest line possible. Press the play button on the homescreen to start the first match.

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Bomb Balls

Bomb Balls 3D is a relaxing and simple casual game where your objective is to clear a platform of all piled up objects by shooting at them with a canon. Clear each platform of all objects and with cannonballs to spare to advance to the next level. Its quick and simple gameplay make Bomb Balls 3D a great choice for your kids to play while waiting for you as you run errands.

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