Free keyboarding game for kids online/ alphabet typing games without download: Alphabet 2 is a fun interactive typing game for preschoolers, little kids (girls, boys) in kindergarten, elementary school, teens, beginners, grownups & seniors. Online keyboarding practice activities for PC, Mac, iPad..
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Online Keyboarding Game for Kids - Alphabet 2

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ZYXWVUTSRQPONMLKJIHGFEDCBA! No, that’s not a word in some extra-terrestrial language – it’s the alphabet – typed backwards! Now, how fast do you think you could type out those letters? Alphabet 2 is an online typing game based on a very simple idea and interface; you must key in the alphabet (backwards) as fast as you can. Everybody rhymes off their ABC’s – but entering those 26 letters in reverse order is an altogether trickier task! You simply have to type in everything from Z to A under the added pressure of a ticking clock!

This easy-to-play yet interesting skill game could provide a good "friendly" contest opportunity between you and your friends or family members – see who can get the best score (quickest time)! Needless to say, your keyboard skills and fast reactions are vitally important. If you’re an experienced keyboard user who can type out words without looking downward, you should have a significant advantage here! You might even think of some other innovative learning applications for this game.

How to Play: When the game loads, click on the red ‘Play Game’ button in the bottom right corner of the game screen to begin. Once you click ‘Start’ on the game’s Main Menu screen, the timer immediately starts counting – so be ready to type! Each letter appears in a large font in the center of the game screen. You simply have to type that letter on your keyboard to move on to the next one (in reverse order)! For example, Z will be the first letter that pops up – once you type Z on your keyboard, the letter Y appears, and so on. Once you type all the way from Z to A, your final score appears. Note: The in-game clock actually runs at double speed – for example, if the clock on the game reads 20 seconds, only 10 seconds have passed in reality.

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