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Imperium is an epic, in-depth resource management and empire building strategy simulation game where you build a medieval-style civilization from the roots - and slowly mold it into a feared and powerful empire! Reminiscent of classic society construction games such as Age of Empires, you have to strategically develop your kingdom by cultivating the land, managing crops, building an army, producing armaments, and finally waging war to claim the entire Dogland Realm for your own!

This highly entertaining and interactive medieval adventure is extremely detailed, and requires a great deal of patience, dogged determination, and plenty of skill at managing resources and stocks. Although the game is set in a relatively primitive environment, you can still learn some very valuable modern-life skills such as good money management, and the ability to make quick decisions under pressure. The pride and prestige of controlling a dominant medieval empire is right at your fingertips! Have you got the ruthless organizational authority to seize the day? Happy Empire building!

How to Play: (Note: Some of the instructions in the in-game tutorial are written in slightly broken English with poor grammar – although they give a good general overview of the controls and objectives).

Your ultimate goal is to totally conquer the entire ‘Dogland’ kingdom. To do this, you have to slowly build an empire, produce weapons, train soldiers, and wage war on the surrounding areas. We recommend that you follow the in-game tutorial in order to get used to the various controls. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to perform all of the different actions in the game. The most basic and important aspect is building. Click on any of the 8 different building icons in the top right area of the game screen, and then click on a ‘building area’ on your main map. Certain units can only be built in specific areas (for example; the carpenter’s house can only be built near a forest).

Each building costs ‘Gold’ to build. Along the top of the game screen, you can see how much Gold you have in your pot (This is also where your various worker, troop, and stock levels are indicated. Click on the red arrows to scroll through the list). You can also upgrade buildings as you progress. At the end of each game ‘day’, your buildings create Gold profit. To raise more Gold, click on the ‘Actions’ tab, and then click ‘Export’ to sell your produced goods. Certain buildings need more resources such as logs and iron. You can ‘import’ these goods also by clicking on the Actions tab.

When you are ready to wage war on other areas, click on the Actions tab, and then click ‘War’. You are brought to the main map where you choose the area you want to invade, the number of soldiers you want to commit, and the weapons that they use. Your ultimate goal is to conquer every area of the main map. Enjoy the quest!

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