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Rollercoaster Building Game Online - Rollercoaster Creator

Rating: 7.1/10 - 18348 votes

Fancy a career as a roller coaster designer or architect? If so, this game will be right up your street. Rollercoaster Creator is a fun and entertaining building game for kids and teens where you get to draw and design your very own custom-built rollercoaster track in the online amusement park. Create the ride of your life by inserting terrifying steep inclines, exhilarating loop-the-loops and hair-raising drops. Earn Thrill coins from your passengers (virtual coins with a red heart) by making your track more daring.

Play this compelling game to test your physics knowledge, including the universal laws of gravity, force and motion. Make sure your track is designed to build up enough momentum for those petrifying twists and turns, or your train might get stuck or even crash. When you have built your track, click on the Play icon, and see how much the thrill-seeking public love it.

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to click on the “Start” icon, then click on “1” to start on level one. A quick visual demo is played before each level to instruct you how to use the available tools (Draw it Yourself Pencil, Up the Track, Down the Track, Steep Incline, Steep Drop and Loop). On Level One, you get to draw free-hand using the standard pencil. Draw upward and downward curves for an awesome bumpy ride.

On Level Two you have to use the “Up the Track” tool, this allows your rollercoaster train to climb up a slope without rolling backwards: To insert - Click on the “Up the Track” tool beside the pencil on the bottom of your game screen – Click the point where you want to insert it – Drag your mouse to make it longer. If you try to draw up the track with your pencil when you have no speed built up, the train will simply roll backwards and comes to a stop you have to start that level again.

On Level Three to Six, you have to insert “Down the Track”, “Loop”, “Steep Incline” and “Steep Drop” in the same way. Draw your track past all of the Yellow coins so that your train can collect them as it passes. You need to gather all of the Yellow coins to pass the level. If your adrenalin-seeking passengers love your cool track, you earn extra Thrill coins for a Gold Star (perfect ride).

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