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A Top Strategy Battle Game - Pocket Creature PVP

Rating: 9.1/10 - 324 votes

Attention all 1-player and multiplayer flash battle game enthusiasts! The wonderful world of Pocket Creature has been overrun by darkness, chaos and fear. Can you build an army equipped to save it? Pocket Creature PVP is an addicting and eccentrically brilliant pokemon-style battle strategy game, and one of the most popular online games of this genre, where you can play against the computer or against other players (once you progress to a certain point). Set in a dark and mysterious animated world, you have to put together a crack team of outrageous pocket-sized battle creatures, and pit them against the evil forces led by Queen Juliet. Each fearsome and enigmatic warrior has a variety of different attributes and abilities – so your job is to come up with an effective combination of creatures to take to the battlefield (only 5 Creatures can be sent into battle at any one time). This exciting PVP (player versus player) version of Pocket Creature also has a cool new feature where you can randomly pit your army against other gamers, just like you – from around the world!

This highly innovative RPG battle game has a truly epic feel to it – you start off from humble beginnings and a small number of creatures - eventually building toward managing a highly-skilled and magically-powered team of creatures, which include dragons, death eaters, aliens, and ancient mythological immortals! Shrewd battle tactics and strategic planning are extremely important as you have to alter your battle line-up with each different challenge. Are you ready to take a brave step into the enchanting world of Pocket Creatures?

How to Play: The aim of this mouse-controlled game is to lead your army across Pocket World by winning 4 increasingly difficult battles in each of the 6 different regions. There is a detailed tutorial at the beginning of the game which you should pay close attention to as there are many different aspects to Pocket Creature PVP. First, you have to put your ‘Team’ together. You begin already equipped with two Creatures. The Tutorial explains how to add Creatures into the Team Line-up by Left Clicking and dragging them into one of the 5 Creature slots using your computer mouse or touchpad. Throughout the game, you can add different Creatures to your team, upgrading their attributes as you progress. To purchase and upgrade these little warriors, you need lots of ‘Gold’, which is earned by winning battles.

After you have set up your Team, go to the main Map, and select your first battle, aka ‘Challenge’. In these Challenges, your Team faces off against a computer-controlled enemy army. You cannot affect the outcome once the battle has begun. If your Team wins, you earn Gold, and ‘Gem Points’. As well as using Gold to purchase new and improved Creatures, you can also use it to ‘feed’ your existing Creatures, which increases their battle prowess. Once your Creatures have been ‘fed’ enough times, they evolve into bigger and more impressive warriors. Therefore, the more battles you win, the more your army grows in strength.

For each victorious battle, you also earn ‘Gem Points’. Each time you reach a ‘Gem Point Target’, you can equip your Creatures with upgraded magical powers. Click on the ‘Gem’ icon on the right of the game screen, then click on the Gem of your choice from the available list. These Gems can increase your Team’s Attack, Health, Speed, or Knockback Distance. You don’t have to keep progressing to the next Challenge / Battle every time your Team wins. You can repeat the same battle as many times as you like. While you don’t earn as much Gold for subsequent victories, you can still build up your Gold levels by repeatedly winning easy battles.

Note: The PVP - Player Versus Player feature can only be accessed once you reach the ‘Emperor’s Tomb’ area on the Map. Here, you can take on gamers from around the world, and pit your Team against theirs.

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