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Air War 3D Fighting Game

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Test your combat flying skills and nerve in a highly challenging fighter pilot RPG: Air War 3D is a difficult and intense online flying and shooting game for older kids / teens where you must guide a missile-firing military aircraft into a chaotic free-roam air battle for an all-out dogfight, and try to survive for as long as possible. Score as many enemy plane eliminations as you can before your armor runs out, or you crash to the ground.

This all-action flying war game requires good observation skills, very steady mouse control, sharp reactions on your keyboard, and accurate shooting. Attack and defense are essential in equal measure in the sky. You must dodge and weave to avoid enemy fire while also placing yourself into good attacking positions. The awesome 3D graphics and authentic gameplay make for an edge-of-your-seat experience! How long can you survive in this frenzied air battle?

How to Play: Note: This game requires Unity Web Player to play, and may take longer to load than other flying games on this site (depending on the speed of your computer / internet connection).

Your tough mission is to simply survive for as long as possible, and to score as many points as you can by eliminating enemy aircraft. Your military plane flies forward automatically, and is controlled primarily by your computer mouse; move your mouse cursor up and down to control the plane’s altitude. Use the A and D Keys on your keyboard to bank to the left and right respectively. Left Click to fire your aircraft’s weapons; you have an unlimited supply of bullets / missiles, so keep the Left Mouse Button held down for as long as you like. You score 250 points for each enemy aircraft destroyed by your gunfire.

Keep an eye on your mini map on the left hand side of the game screen for enemy aircraft locations. At the beginning of your flight, you have an ‘Armor’ score of 100, but this decreases every time you get hit by enemy fire. Once your Armor level reaches 0, it’s game over. Likewise, if your plane crashes, it’s back to the drawing board. Tip: It may take three or four flights for you to get used to the controls. The mouse movement controls are particularly tricky, so it is a good idea to fly away from the action for a few moments, and just concentrate on flying in order to get used to the controls. Good luck up there!

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