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Hospitality / Culinary Management School in Switzerland

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Business & Hotel Management School (BHMS), Luzern:
Located in the heart of the beautiful city of Luzern in north-central Switzerland, Business & Hotel Management School (BHMS) is an accredited hospitality management school. We provide high-quality diploma and degree courses in the fields of culinary management and hospitality management to Swiss students and international students. The language of instruction for all of our programs is English. Our programs include paid industry internships, so you gain practical work experience..

Why Study with BHMS?

Photo of Hospitality / Culinary Management School in Switzerland- Convenient Location: Luzern (Lucerne) is a true international tourist destination, and is the most visited city in Switzerland. It is situated on the shores of Lake Lucerne, right in the centre of Switzerland and at the scenic heart of the central Swiss Alps. It is conveniently located less than a 1 hour drive from Zurich and approximately 2.5 hours drive from Geneva. Luzern is situated on the most important route between north and south, and connected with the Swiss train network in 6 directions.

- Small Class Size: There are around 20-30 students per class. Smaller classes mean that the teaching staff has more time to dedicate to students.

- Excellent Culinary Facilities: BHMS has upgraded its culinary facilities by adding a new satellite kitchen to the already existing production kitchen. In a stress-free environment, beginner culinary students have the chance to acquire core culinary skills and competencies before applying them to a real food production kitchen environment.


Image of Hospitality / Culinary Management School in SwitzerlandBHMS is an eduQua-certfied private institute in Lucerne canton, in compliance with Swiss federal and state law. EduQua is the Swiss Association for Quality & Management Systems (SQS) which certifies Swiss colleges and education institutions in Switzerland. The Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Culinary Management are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the American Culinary Federation Foundation.

BHMS has a partnership agreement with The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen in the UK for granting the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel & Hospitality Management in Switzerland and City University of Seattle, WA, USA for the MBA in Hospitality Management and Global Business.

Culinary Management Courses - Taught in English:

Through hands-on training and classroom learning, BHMS Culinary Management programs develop students' contemporary skills in food preparation and presentation, a la carte cuisine, pastry and desserts and kitchen management. Over the course of 2 years, you will acquire all the fundamental skills necessary to work in the world's fine dining establishments in one of the fastest growing industries.

- Diploma in Culinary Management (6-12 months)
- Advanced Diploma in Culinary Management (6-12 months)
- Associate Degree in Culinary Entrepreneurship (12 months)

Hospitality Management Courses - Taught in English:

- Diploma Program in Hospitality Management (1 year)
- Higher Diploma Program in Hospitality Management (2 years)
- Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management (3 years)
- Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management (1 year)
- MBA in Global Management and Hospitality Management (24 months)

While all of our programs are taught in English, students also learn German and French as knowledge of several languages is an important asset in the hotel industry. Good knowledge of the German language will also help students to communicate with the local community and guarantee them a suitable industry placement in the German part of Switzerland.

Additional Part-time Studies Options for EU & Swiss students:
All the above programs are also available to European Union and Swiss students in part-time course mode.

Student Testimonials:

Photos of Business & Hotel Management School (BHMS), Luzern"My experience at BHMS was 'valuable'. I learned what 'professionalism' is and that helped me down the path to a successful career in Culinary Management. Classes are short and to the point with a very professional faculty, getting everyone to attend and involved. Highly disciplined Swiss industry training also helped me prepare for my current position in the United States. I would also like to mention the Dean, Mr. Philipp Terry, who helped us for with everything and had solution for every problem. He was especially helpful in securing international, post-graduate placement."
- Vaibhav Mahindrakar, Holiday Inn Superdome, New Orleans

"I spent two splendid years at BHMS. Having successfully studied hospitality subjects I also managed to excel, among other things, in self-motivation, order and self-determination. I learned the value and significance of helping others and contributing to the surrounding community. I am now an undergraduate student at one of the finest universities in England. I would very much like to thank BHMS and Mr. Phillipp Terry for an offering of such a benevolent acceleration to the world of unlimited opportunities and career chances."
- Zakar Oganian, Keel University, Staffordshire

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