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Learn Dutch Language in the Netherlands

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Direct Dutch, The Hague:
Founded in 1985, the Direct Dutch Institute provides effective Dutch courses for foreigners wishing to acquire an active command of the Dutch language while staying in the Netherlands. We use the direct method, which means that we try to speak Dutch as much as possible during the lessons. (Since some aspects of the grammar are explained in English, it is important that participants of beginners courses have a basic knowledge of English). Our language school is located close to the centre of The Hague, a few minutes away from Laan van NOI station.

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Why Learn Dutch?

Photo of Learn Dutch Language in the NetherlandsMore than twenty million people in the world speak Dutch. Generally speaking, the Dutch have a good command of English. So why should any non-Dutch person go through the hassle of learning Dutch? Well, there are various reasons, including for example:

You might like to get to know the Dutch better, the people and their culture; perhaps you have Dutch relatives or have to live in the Netherlands for a few years; you may need Dutch for business reasons, or wish to take part in Dutch social life; or maybe you just have linguistic or historical interests, and simply like Holland, Belgium and their people.

Whatever your reason, learning Dutch will make you an insider rather than an outsider in these countries.

Total immersion in a Dutch environment, even for only a few weeks, lends an invaluable extra dimension to Dutch language learning. In Holland, you can quickly increase your fluency and build up a wide vocabulary, because you have the chance to apply this knowledge actively in your daily life.

Daytime & Evening Dutch Classes:
- Beginners Dutch A1 course (0-A1 level)
- Beginners Dutch A2 course (A1 - A2 level)
- Intermediate Dutch course (A2 - B1 level)
- Advanced Dutch course (B1 - B2 level)
- Intensive Beginners course (0 - A2 level)
- Intensive Intermediate course (A2 - B1 level)
- Intensive Advanced course (B1 - B2 level)
- NT2-II Course (Dutch as a Second Language examination preparation)
- Conversation plus (B1 +)
- Private Dutch lessons
- In-Company courses (Dutch for business)


Image of Learn Dutch Language in the NetherlandsWe use the direct method, which means that we try to speak Dutch as much as possible during the lessons. (Since some aspects of the grammar will be explained in English, it is important that participants of beginners courses have a basic knowledge of English.).

In small groups (max. 8 people) we will concentrate on the speaking and listening skills, whereas the reading and writing skills are taught by means of the homework.

- The Beginner's Courses concentrate on conversation, though with the addition of crucial theoretical background instruction. In other words, although the whole of basic Dutch grammar is dealt with, emphasis is on practical language skills.

- The Intermediate and Advanced Courses revise basic grammar while extending vocabulary, and again pay a great deal of attention to conversation. For those who prefer a total immersion, we offer Intensive Beginners Courses as well as Intensive Intermediate Courses.

- We also provide Business Dutch Courses to accommodate companies which prefer to have Dutch lessons on site. Companies can suggest adaptations to the programme, the size of the groups, the frequency of the lessons and their length to suit the needs and requirements of the employees.

The Hague:

Photos of Direct Dutch, The HagueThe Hague is the Royal Residence as well as the seat of Dutch government. Many international companies and organizations have chosen The Hague, the administrative heart of the Netherlands, to establish their offices. The Hague is an important link in both national and international transport networks.

Most major cities in Europe can be reached by car, train or plain within a few hours. Schiphol Airport, near the financial centre of Amsterdam, is only thirty minutes away.

It takes only twenty minutes by car or train to reach the world port Rotterdam. A trip to Brussels, the Belgian capital, takes only two hours by train, and a trip to Paris, the French one, only four hours. A one hour flight brings you to London.

Student Testimonials:

Picture of Learn Dutch Language in the Netherlands"I believe one of the most important elements of learning a language is having the opportunity to practice one's speaking skills often. Direct Dutch facilitated this both by conducting the lessons in Dutch, and by providing a supportive, small class size environment to encourage oral communication skills.”
- Lara, Beginners Basic Course

“I did the Intensive Intermediate course at Direct Dutch with just over two weeks to go for my NT2 exam. Two weeks with Petra, I was happily crooning to "O O Den Haag" and ready to subject anyone and everyone to my Dutch conversation.

I passed 3 out of the 4 modules of NT2 the first time around and failed 1 by just 2 points (and passed it the second time).”

- Aruna, Intensive Intermediate Course

"I completed three courses at Direct Dutch and had a great time! I appreciated the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the classes and teachers; sometimes the most helpful parts of classes were the informal discussions among the class in which we could practice conversational Dutch.

The written exercises, such as summarizing newspaper articles and writing formal letters, also helped tremendously with my written Dutch and with learning the conventions for formal writing...I looked forward to class every week and highly recommend Direct Dutch to speakers of all levels."

- Adam, Research Fellow, Fulbright Program

"The atmosphere during my intensive course with Direct Dutch was great! It was friendly, knowledgable and relaxing! Everybody respects each other and tries to learn together! My Dutch skill has improved to be better and better. More importantly after the course I have gained more confidence which I did not have before."
- Juan, Knowledge Manager – WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature)

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Address: Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 275, The Hague, Netherlands
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