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Ducasse Education:
Learn Michelin-star quality culinary arts from top-level chef instructors with Ducasse Education! Situated in Argenteuil, a north-east suburb of Paris, Ducasse Education is a leading culinary arts school in France and Europe. We provide a range of professional culinary arts courses, taught in English or French - to students from around the globe at beginner to advanced levels. In addition to our Argenteuil school, we also have a training center in Yssingeaux, in the Haute-Loire department in south-central France. All of our cooking programs combine theory with instructor-led, hands-on training. Our longer-term programs provide the opportunity of an internship in an authentic French restaurant in France. Overall, our courses allow participants to reach the highest standards expected by the professionals. We look forward to enhancing your culinary career at Ducasse Education.

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Professional Culinary Arts Training Programs: 

Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts: 
3-year program (in English & French, with two 5-month internships). Modules include:

Photo of International Culinary Arts School in FranceYear 1 - 'Discover'
• Master the fundamental techniques of culinary and pastry arts
• Develop products and knowledge of the culinary and restaurant industry
• Learn efficient supply and cost management
• 5-month internship

Year 2 - 'Master' 
• Learn and practice advanced culinary arts techniques, learn new trends and superior pastry arts
• Immerse yourself in the Alain Ducasse philosophy and principles of innovation
• Focus on management and marketing fundamentals
• 5-month internship

Year 3 - 'Create' 
• Develop skills in concept creation
• Master R&D principles, creation process and advanced management techniques
• Perform in culinary design, photography and communication tools usage
• Participate in business-related simulations and games 
• End-of-studies project

Culinary Arts Diploma:
Image of International Culinary Arts School in France5-month skills-building + 3-month internship in a French restaurant (taught in English & French). Course content:

• Module 1 : Basic of cooking (cutting methods, bases, sauces, condiments)
• Module 2 : Basic of cooking (cooking methods)
• Module 3 : Vegetables and cereals
• Module 4 : Testing of Part 1
• Module 5 : Communication
• Module 6 : Poultry and meat
• Module 7 : Testing of Part 2
• Module 8 : Management and administration
• Module 9 : Aquatic produces
• Module 10 : Basic pastry
• Module 11 : Testing of Part 3
• Module 12 : Field trips
• General Final Testing
• 12-week internship in a French restaurant selected by the educational team

Superior Culinary Arts Diploma:
3-month skills-building + 3-month internship (taught in English). Course content:

Photos of Ducasse Education• Culinary essentials review
• Tradition-Evolution
• Catering & banqueting
• Testing of part 1
• International cuisine requisites
• Breakfast & buffets
• Nature
• New trends
• Testing of part 2
• Information technology & computer skills
• Business administration & management
• Effective communication skills
• Testing of part 3
• General final exam
• Field trips
• 12-week internship in a French restaurant selected by the educational team.

Bachelor in French Pastry Arts Program:
3-year pastry arts & management degree program (taught in English or French)
Two 5-month internships + final year project

Acquire the pastry know-how and management competencies needed to succeed as the international pastry industry. Course modules include:

• Pastry Lab (pastry, bakery, chocolate, ice cream, confectionery)
• Creation, Drawing & Pastry Design
• HR Management
• Media Training
• Nutrition
• R&D Methodology
• Art, Drawing & Design
• French Pastry Language
• Entrepreneurship
• Photographs & Pastry Pictures

Further Pastry Arts Programs:
• French Pastry Arts Diploma Program (7 months)
• Superior French Pastry Arts Diploma Program (2-3 months)
• French Chocolate & Confectionery Arts (7 months)
• French Bakery Arts (2-3 months)
• French Pastry Campus (Summer & Spring Programs 2-3 months)

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