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Fashion Courses Taught in English in Milan, Italy

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Accademia del Lusso, Milan:
Situated in the heart of Milan - Italy's fashion capital, Accademia del Lusso provides a range of fashion-related Masters programs, 3-year courses, intensive 1-year programs and short courses designed to train and prepare the fashion industry’s most sought-after professionals. Courses are taught in English or Italian, and subjects include Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Footwear & Accessories Design, Retail Design, and Interior Design among many others. Our aim is to connect the needs of the job market with the aspirations of those who want to begin or develop their career in the fashion, design and luxury industry.

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Design / Fashion Management Courses in Milan

3-Year Fashion Courses:
Photo of Fashion Courses Taught in English in Milan, ItalyDesigned for high school graduates or those who wish to start a new career in the fashion industry, these three-year courses provide a solid preparation that grounds students in the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as professionals in today’s job market. 

•  Fashion Design (taught in English or Italian)
In this full-time course, you will gain the skills necessary to be able to design and create entire collections that are competitive and valid, both from a creative and commercial point of view. On completion of this course, you will be able to plan, design, develop and produce fashion collections that are in line with market demands.

You develop skills in drawing, design, sewing, and pattern making. In addition,you will learn research skills and essential collection planning techniques.

•  Fashion Design & Modelling (taught in English or Italian) 
This program allows students to acquire an excellent theoretical knowledge of fashion design and fashion modelling as well as specific operation skills. 

Students are encouraged to develop technical aptitude and learn how to harmonise their creative originality with market needs: an essential skill-set for success in the industry.

•  Fashion Brand Management (taught in English or Italian) 
Image of Fashion Courses Taught in English in Milan, ItalyIn this full-time course, you learn how to understand the reasons why a fashion collection succeeds or fails, with the aim of increasing the value of a brand by strengthening or more suitably defining its image, and enhancing the advertising communication of a brand or specific product types.

Designed to shape students into professionals with highly transferable skills, this course teaches you how to combine trends and aesthetic/style evolutions with the interests of the business and market. You will also learn how to reposition a product where necessary. 

•  Fashion Styling & Communication (taught in Italian) 
This full-time course provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to deal with everything that transmits the style and identity of a business or brand.

You will learn all about being a professional within public relations or a press office, where you would work with press campaigns, advertising, conferences, public announcements, external relations, exhibitions, shows, and events. 

Intensive One-Year Fashion Courses:
Our one-year intensive courses aim to provide advanced training that builds on your existing skills.

Suitable for high school or university graduates who already have basic knowledge and skills in a specific area of fashion or design, and who want to progress within it to become a competent professional. 

•  Fashion Product Design (taught in English or Italian)Photos of Accademia del Lusso, Milan
This course aims to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the advanced creative skills and practical techniques you need to work in the fields of design, pattern making, and tailoring.

It will prepare you to become a professional who is able to manage the entire production chain of a fashion product, from original sketch design to final creation of a garment. 

•  Interior & Retail Design (taught in Italian)
This course provides you with the practical abilities and in-depth theoretical knowledge you need to identify and coordinate the trends, styles, and materials that allow you to distinguish the concept of ‘contemporary living’ with originality. In addition, it gives you professional and methodological skills in design and planning. 

•  Visual Merchandising (taught in Italian) 
The Visual Merchandising course shapes a professional figure specialised in visual and commercial communication as well as in the strategic management of the main activities related to the fashion product within the Fashion & Luxury sectors:

Subjects & topics include: conception, trend research, planning, production, distribution, communication, sales and promotion. 

•  Footwear & Accessories Design (taught in English)
The design and development of bags and shoes is one of the most significant economic stimuli for countless businesses across the globe.

This course gives students working skills and strategic ability in order to shape them into professionals who are able to create, plan, design, develop and produce footwear and accessories collections in line with market demands.

Master’s Programs in Fashion Management:
Designed for graduates who have studied in university for a minimum of three years, our masters programs will prepare them to work in a wide range of management positions within the fashion and luxury sector worldwide. 

The objective of our masters courses is to equip you with sound theoretical and technical knowledge in your chosen field, as well as expert practical skills and experience.

On successful completion of your course, you will be considered for an internship position with a brand of business in the fashion and design sectors.

Picture of Fashion Courses Taught in English in Milan, Italy•  Fashion Collection Management - Taught in English
Course Duration: 1 year

This course provides students not only with a general knowledge of the various areas involved in business, but also with specific technical skills in the field of industrial production in the fashion sector. 

The course aims to build a professional figure who has the strategic skills to penetrate the production side of fashion and luxury business and work as a manager in the product area of the luxury goods and fashion sectors.

•  Fashion Communication Management - Taught in English
Course Duration: 1 year

Images of Accademia del Lusso, MilanIn this course, you learn how to manage every stage of a communication plan, as well as how to manage the team of different professionals who form part of the communication sphere within a luxury goods business.

You will learn how to write advertising material and press releases, how to maintain and develop contacts with press services, as well as sustaining public relations and event management.

•  Fashion Brand Management - Taught in Italian
Course Duration: 1 year

Learn to follow the entire development and sales process of a product associated with a brand. This course teaches you how to promote a brand’s philosophy using working and strategic marketing strategies.

You will pay particular attention to quality of products, style, image, and the efficiency of advertising campaigns.

Specialized Preparatory Courses:
Our Preparatory Courses take place before the beginning of each academic year, and prepare students in terms of language and cultural improvement. Course options include:

• Fashion English Language (taught in English)
• Italian Lifestyle, Culture & Language (taught in English) 

Professional Short Courses:

•  'Made In Italy & Luxury Goods Industry'
Taught in English, this 10-week course is ideal for those who currently study or work and don't have the time to dedicate to a long-term course. 

This course is aimed at professionals operating in the fashion industry who want to get to know more in depth what the ‘Made in Italy’ brand stands for. 

The course includes theoretical classroom lessons, workshops and other practical activities, project work and assessment tests.

•  Milan Fashion Week Experience:
Taught in English and Italian, this 5-day course is a study of Italian Fashion Design through Milan’s eyes. 

The course is 38 hours over 5 days, divided into 20 hours of theory classes and 18 hours of external workshops and visits.

Summer Fashion Courses:
These intensive courses aim to provide basic knowledge and techniques in the various fashion fields. Course duration = 4 weeks / 120 hours:

• Fashion Brand Management
• Fashion Design
• Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising
• Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

Student Testimonials:

•  "The courses at Accademia del Lusso allowed me to gain an understanding of the fashion sector, and above all have opened my mind, having taught me to see things from a different point of view."

•  “Right from the start, Accademia del Lusso demonstrated to be able to satisfy my hunger to learn, and gave me the opportunity to get to know wonderful people who share the same passions as me."

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