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Accademia del Lusso, Milan:
Situated in the heart of Milan - Italy's fashion capital, Accademia del Lusso provides a range of fashion-related Masters programs, 3-year courses, intensive 1-year programs and short courses designed to train and prepare the fashion industry’s most sought-after professionals. Courses are taught in English or Italian, and subjects include Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Footwear & Accessories Design, Retail Design, and Interior Design among many others. Our aim is to connect the needs of the job market with the aspirations of those who want to begin or develop their career in the fashion, design and luxury industry.

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About Accademia del Lusso:

Photo of International Fashion School in Milan, Italy• Founded in 2005, Accademia del Lusso provides professional preparation for individuals from across the globe who want to acquire expert skills and knowledge in the fashion & design industries.

• Our comprehensive courses should allow students to enter the job market as experienced and competent professionals. 

• Accademia del Lusso’s goal is to train and prepare well-rounded professionals who have a global perspective on the luxury sector; who understand every aspect of the profession, from creative staffing to marketing and brand-development; and who seek to expand their professional careers in a competitive market.

Why Choose Us?

 High-Quality Education
Accademia del Lusso's training methods are innovative, effective, and provide students with excellent, time-efficient career preparation. Our school was founded with the intention of providing high-level training to motivated young people who plan to build a career in fashion as well as to industry professionals who seek to improve and update their skills.

 Innovative Teaching Methods
The Accademia del Lusso’s innovative educational approach comprises two closely interconnected areas of specialization: a technical-creative emphasis and a management emphasis.

 Individual Attention
In order to improve the student-to-faculty ratio, the maximum class size is 12 made up of international students.

 Industry-Prepared Graduates
Our curricula and training programmes are developed according to the specific demands of the fashion industries. Our goal is to train and prepare professionals who are ready to respond to the real needs of real businesses.

Highly-Experienced Teachers:

Image of International Fashion School in Milan, Italy• All of our teachers are established professionals in the fashion and luxury industries, and bring a wealth of expertise to their classes.

• Our instructional staff includes university professors, managers, researchers, and other instructors in the fashion and luxury-products fields. 

Masters, Post-Diploma & Short Fashion Courses 

1-Year Masters Programs:
• Fashion Brand Management (taught in Italian)
• Fashion Collection Management (taught in English)
• Fashion Communication Management (taught in English)

3-Year Courses:
• Fashion Design (taught in English or Italian)
• Fashion Design & Modelling (taught in English or Italian) 
• Fashion Styling & Communication (taught in Italian)
• Fashion Brand Management (taught in English or Italian)

Intensive 1-Year Courses:
• Interior & Retail Design (taught in Italian)
• Visual Merchandising (taught in Italian)
• Footwear & Accessories Design (taught in English)
• Fashion Product Design (taught in English or Italian)

Professional Short Courses:
• 'Made In Italy & Luxury Goods Industry (taught in English)
• Milan Fashion Week Experience (taught in English or Italian) 

Specialized Preparatory Courses:
• Fashion English Language (taught in English)
• Italian Lifestyle, Culture & Language (taught in English)

Summer Fashion Courses - 4 weeks / 120 hours:
• Fashion Brand Management 
• Fashion Design
• Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising
• Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

Student Testimonials:

Photos of Accademia del Lusso, Milan•  "Well structured course, crucial to develop a solid and technical path. It provides the students with the skills to better understand the process of the marketing on which the Visual Merchandising is based. 

The lessons are structured both in a theoretical and a practical way; students have the chance to take part to theoretical exercises during each lesson and to analyze all the aspects of the Visual Merchandising on the ground in different business structures as well."


•  "Accademia del Lusso is exactly as I expected during the first “Open Day”: a big family. The place is welcoming and comfortable; it is provided with areas where you can meet and work with your class mates also after school. 

I have just ended a course called “One Year” which consists of Styling, Pattern making and Tailoring. I have really appreciated all the teachers that I had; they have all proved to be always very helpful (for example they have helped me and pushed me into enrolling to a fashion contest in Riccione, which I have won).

Accademia del Lusso offers a lot of job opportunities too. Thanks to the Placement office I have had the chance to serve an internship in a fashion company which now is becoming a real job! I am really happy and satisfied of Accademia and, giving the chance, I would definitely attend the courses again."

•  "I really enjoyed the time I spent in Accademia del Lusso. The courses that I have attended have helped me to develop my knowledge of the fashion business and to open my mind and see things from a different point of view. The teachers too have been very good to me (with very little exceptions).

I have found the course “How to create your own business” very helpful since it has provided me with some managerial skills that are crucial to start your entrepreneurial career. And, last but not least, during my educational path I have met my current colleague Manuela who is now a teacher in ADL."

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