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Future Focus School Of English:
Future Focus School of English is an English language school in Malta. It is situated in the centre of Floriana, 5 minutes from all bus routes and a few minutes away from the capital city - Valletta. We offer English courses for adults and teenagers of all abilities - from beginner to advanced. We also offer professional / business English courses as well as private English lessons and tailor-made courses designed to suit your individual needs. Future Focus also provides technical English language courses for a wide range of career fields including English for culinary arts, legal professions, financial services and more. Students can come to our centre in Floriana or we can send our tutor to you. Malta provides an ideal setting for combining a language programme with a holiday.

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Future Focus offers full-time, part-time or distance learning English courses in Malta at the following levels:

Communicative English Course:
The Communicative English course is ideal for students who want to master functional English. It covers basics oPhoto of English Courses in Maltaf the English language and usage and is ideal for those who want to learn spoken English such as office workers, employees, retailers, service providers, housewives and students. Students following this course will find it easier to communicate in English and to express themselves with less effort and more fluency. The course’s objectives are to:

- Develop fluency in spoken English. 
- To improve pronunciation
- To extend their vocabulary 
- To be able to discuss in English.

Participants will participate in a number of training exercises and excellent course material is provided by the school. Although this is a stand alone course, it is recommended that students combine this with either the General English course or the Business English course.

Basic / Elementary English Course:
This course teaches those who understand very little English. It starts with the alphabet and numbers and continues to introduce easy English words. The students will learn how to form simple sentences like questions, statements and answers in a clear and understandable way. It will introduce the students to the different kinds of English words such as nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions and how to use them properly.

Starter English Course:
This course builds on the knowledge acquired in the Elementary course. Use of English words will be repeated and Image of English Courses in Maltafurthered. Hearing abilities will be trained as most of the exercises feature listening comprehension. The student will be introduced to vocabulary for different everyday situations and will be encouraged to speak during the sessions.

Pre-Intermediate English Course:
This course teaches the forming of more complicated sentences and encourages the student to communicate in English. It covers the different present tenses of verbs and introduces the student to vocabulary for various everyday situations.

Intermediate English Course:
The student will learn more about past tenses and improve the use of the present tenses during the grammar revisions. The course teaches how to use bilingual and monolingual dictionaries and how to understand the meanings of stories and small texts. The course will introduce more vocabulary and will thus enable the student to have longer and interesting conversations.

Upper Intermediate English Course:
The course improves the knowledge of grammar and introduces more new vocabulary. Grammar will be repeated from present over past to future tenses to ensure that the student understands all tenses completely and knows how to use them. The student will be introduced to long texts and will be asked to answer questions regarding the texts in order to test his comprehension skills.

Advanced English Course: 
The course guides the student to a level where he can hold a conversation fluently, knowing a large amount of everyday vocabulary and almost all the grammar aspects. Furthermore, the student will have the ability to translate short texts without a dictionary because knowledge of English has improved. The student can write private letters, hold a telephone conversation and is able to understand people who speak with an accent.

Professional / Business English Course:
The course covers a wide range of subjects of everyday life and business. The course will introduce commonly used telephone phrases aPhotos of Future Focus School Of Englishnd letter phrases and also teaches the correct layout of Business letters, faxes, memos, reports and emails. The student will learn how to write business letters, negotiate, translate medium sized texts and how to use punctuation marks to make writing clear and easy to understand.

Intensive Business English Course:
This course is suitable for professionals, entrepreneurs and executives and for students who complete our Business English course. This course will focus mainly on:

- How to use the correct business terminology and colloquial phrases
- How to prepare business letters, faxes, memos, reports and letters professionally
- How to participate in meetings
- How to carry out a meeting and a speech

This course will also cover presentation skills, how participants can prepare and present a presentation successfully and how to hold a discussion about current news and affairs. Students will also have the opportunity to give presentations in class, and receive feedback from the teacher.

EFL Course (English language teacher training):
An ‘A’ level equivalent course. This is a preparation course designed for individuals who want to teach English, but don’t have an A level qualification. This course leads to the English as a foreign language exam for EFL teachers. This course and exam are approved by the monitoring board of the Ministry of Education.

Also available on rePicture of English Courses in Maltaquest
- One to one private English lessons
- English courses for juniors / teenagers / seniors
- English courses designed for your individual needs
- Technical English language courses, such as English for financial services, English for the legal professions, English for the culinary arts, and many others..

For further information on the English courses available, please contact us quickly via our Contact Page.

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