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• St Brelade's College is located on the British island of Jersey, in the Channel Islands, approximately 20 miles off the French coast and 80 miles south of England, therefore we benefit from a slightly milder climate.

• Jersey is a small English tourist resort just off the coast of France. It measures about 70 square kilometres and has a population of about 90,000. Despite its closeness to France, Jersey has been British for a thousand years and the only language spoken is English.

• Jersey is a very safe and beautiful island, popular with British tourists for its clean beaches and green countryside. Its mild climate makes it very attractive in spring, summer and autumn.

• Its reputation as a tourist resort and financial centre gives Jersey an international character. St Helier, the capital town, is full of high quality shops and restaurants, offering good food from all over the world – as well, of course, as the local fish.

• Students can reach Jersey by boat from St Malo or by plane from Paris, Zurich, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Berlin. There are also at least three flights a day from every major airport in London.

Location and Facilities:


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If you want to live 200 metres from the school, then a hotel is the best solution. The village of St Aubin is probably the most popular spot in Jersey for hotels and restaurants, and we can organise your hotel accommodation for £35 to £50 per day, according to the season and category of hotel.

Many students choose to stay in host family accommodation, where they receive breakfast, dinner and a packed lunch to eat at the school.

The host family is also responsible for transfers on arrival and departure, while the college provides free daily transport to and from school. All the host families receive regular visits from our accommodation officer and are expected to provide a decent standard of comfort and hospitality.

Outside the summer months, all our host families are located within easy travelling distance from the school.

However, in July and August, good host families are more difficult to obtain and not all our families are so conveniently situated.

The residence programmes are located in St Helier and first Tower, so only a short distance away from where the students are taught.

St Brelade's College also has both adult and teenage residences, available at various times throughout the year. Our adult residence is located 5 minutes walk from the main college in St Aubin.

Our teenage residences run during school holidays throughout the year. Students are provided with full board and are supervised by our residence managers.'

School / Office Address: Mont Les Vaux, St Aubin
Saint Helier
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