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General Health Books for Men, Women, Children

General Health Books for Men, Women, Children1. The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health (Harvard University Press Reference Library), by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Terra Ziporyn, Paperback, Publisher: Belknap Press
With the publication in 1996 of The Harvard Guide to Women's Health, women seeking answers to questions about their health had access to the combined expertise of physicians from three of the world's most prestigious medical institutions: Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Brigham and Women's Hospital. With complete information on women's health concerns, physical and behavioral, this A to Z reference quickly became a definitive resource, praised especially for its coverage of topics not previously considered under the umbrella of women's health. The guide reunites the authors to bring a valued health reference up to date for a new generation, and for those women who have come to rely on the Harvard Guide and are now wondering what to do about their health as they enter a new stage of life. The New Harvard Guide includes: updated recommendations about cardiac health and heart disease, entries reflecting recent advances in the understanding and treatment of autoimmune diseases, better coverage of health concerns throughout a woman's life span, from her first period to menopause and beyond, with a new entry on perimenopause; expanded nutritional recommendations, including a unique chart of the US government's Daily Reference Intakes for micronutrients, broken down for teens and women whose needs may differ because they are pregnant, breastfeeding, or postmenopausal; updated information on over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, procedures, screenings, and diagnostic tests.

2. The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's Health : Lessons from the Harvard Men's Health Studies, by Harvey B. Simon, Paperback, Publisher: Free Press
More than twenty-five years ago, researchers at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health began what have become the largest aggregate studies ever of men's health. Tracking 96,000 American men over decades, these studies provide the ultimate resource on what keeps men healthy, and what doesn't. The result: Features the most current information on the health-preserving functions of diet, exercise, and over-the-counter drugs and supplements; Gives straight answers to questions like when drinking alcohol is beneficial and when it's not; Offers advice on behavior modification and stress control; Includes all the crucial information on diseases that are particularly important to men, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, erectile dysfunction, and kidney and bladder problems; Provides an easy-to-navigate guide to the health-care system that gives balanced views on the benefits and drawbacks of common medical tests.

3. The Active Woman's Health and Fitness Handbook, by Nadya Swedan, from Perigee Trade
This comprehensive guide addresses women's concerns about the physical and psychological aspects of fitness-no matter what age or activity level. Written by a female athlete and doctor, it answers questions in many areas-from what health risks are associated with each sport or exercise, to what to do when your knee hurts after a jog, to what you can do to prevent osteoporosis. Nadya Swedan, M.D., is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist who provides non-surgical treatment of sports-related and musculoskeletal pain and injuries, especially in women.

4. Men's Health Best: Weight-Free Workout, by Men's Health Magazine, Paperback
This new series of books, Men's Health Best, addresses all aspects of a man's physical fitness, from building core strength to managing sports injuries. Authoritative, affordable, handsomely produced and extensively illustrated, these 96-page books are the perfect guide to achieving strength, fitness, and well-being. It shows you how to put together a workout program you can follow anywhere, no need to go to the gym. It includes all the exercises you need for whole-body fitness and maximum flexibility and explains the exact benefits of each one.

5. The Intelligent Consumer's Complete Guide to Dental Health: How to Maintain Your Dental Health and Avoid Being Overcharged and Overtreated (Paperback) by Jay W. Friedman, Paperback, Publisher: Authorhouse
Provides information on how to recognize, prevent, and minimize dental disease and avoid being ripped off by dentists. It will save consumers hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for unnecessary and potentially harmful treatment.

6. Making Them Pay : How to Get the Most from Health Insurance and Managed Care, by Rhonda Orin, Paperback, St. Martin's Griffin
Most people don't understand health insurance, and insurance companies know it. Unfair denials, late payments, and hopeless confusion are the norm. At last there is a solution. In eight easy steps, Making Them Pay gives practical advice about the things that drive people crazy. Along with this useful advice, Making Them Pay offers a much-needed sense of humor. It's filled with cartoons, sidebars, and vignettes that will make you laugh as you learn. Based on Rhonda D. Orin's extensive experience as a litigator, a journalist, and a mother fighting her own family's insurance battles, Making Them Pay is the book your health insurer doesn't want you to read. Rhonda D. Orin is a lawyer with more than a decade of experience suing insurance companies on behalf of policyholders.

7. Health Insurance Nuts and Bolts, by Terry R. Lowe, Paperback, Health Insurance Association of America
This is the sequel to the HIAA book, "The Health Insurance Primer." Together these two books provide an introduction to this field that is both easy to understand and comprehensive. They are the perfect choice for beginners in health insurance as well as for people from other fields. They are also an excellent resource for those with experience in this area who want to fill the gaps in their knowledge. It describes the many activities health insurance company personnel engage in, such as policy issuance and renewal, billing, claims, cost control, fraud and abuse prevention, and product pricing. It also looks at government regulation of health insurance. Terry R. Lowe has enjoyed a 27-year career in the health insurance industry. The contributing authors all have extensive experience in the health insurance industry and bring a practical, real-world perspective to the subject.

8. Eat Smart: A Guide to Good Health for Kids, by Dale Figtree, Paperback, New Win Publishing
This book for adolescents and pre-teens alike is both informative and humorous. It puts the reader in the "shoes" of a 15-year-old who is overweight and distressed about it. After attempting to diet, the character in the story sees a nutritional counselor who explained that diets just don't work. The remainder of the book explains how proper food, and lots of it, can actually reduce weight without feeling deprived and hungry all the time.

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