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Women's Health & Fitness Books

Women's Health & Fitness Books1. The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health (Harvard University Press Reference Library), by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Terra Ziporyn, Paperback, Publisher: Belknap Press
With the publication in 1996 of The Harvard Guide to Women's Health, women seeking answers to questions about their health had access to the combined expertise of physicians from three of the world's most prestigious medical institutions: Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Brigham and Women's Hospital. With complete information on women's health concerns, physical and behavioral, this A to Z reference quickly became a definitive resource, praised especially for its coverage of topics not previously considered under the umbrella of women's health. The guide reunites the authors to bring a valued health reference up to date for a new generation, and for those women who have come to rely on the Harvard Guide and are now wondering what to do about their health as they enter a new stage of life. The New Harvard Guide includes: updated recommendations about cardiac health and heart disease, entries reflecting recent advances in the understanding and treatment of autoimmune diseases, better coverage of health concerns throughout a woman's life span, from her first period to menopause and beyond, with a new entry on perimenopause; expanded nutritional recommendations, including a unique chart of the US government's Daily Reference Intakes for micronutrients, broken down for teens and women whose needs may differ because they are pregnant, breastfeeding, or postmenopausal; updated information on over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, procedures, screenings, and diagnostic tests.

2. Natural Choices for Women's Health : How the Secrets of Natural and Chinese Medicine Can Create a Lifetime of Wellness, by Laurie Dr Steelsmith, Paperback, Three Rivers Press
Are you unhappy relying on antibiotics for every illness, painkillers for menstrual cramps, and caffeine just to feel "normal"? Are you fed up with an endless cycle of colds, flus, headaches, digestive problems, and fatigue? Do you want to experience freedom from menopausal hormone fluctuations and hot flashes? This book explores these issues and many more, offering a groundbreaking resource for women who want to approach health naturally. In this completely accessible guide, the author shows how women can create a lifetime of optimal well-being by blending the extraordinary benefits of natural medicine from both the Western tradition and ancient Chinese teachings. Outlining a Naturally Healthy Lifestyle that enhances the body's own health-sustaining abilities, Steelsmith identifies ten crucial components of a woman's health, the immune system, kidneys, liver, digestive system, heart, hormones, bones, breasts, pelvis, and mental health, and provides dozens of tips to help maintain peak condition.

3. Maternity & Women's Health Care, by Deitra Leonard, Ph.D. Lowdermilk, Shannon E., Ph.D. Perry, Hardcover, Publisher: C.V. Mosby
The underlying theme of Maternity & Women's Health Care, 8e is how to take care of a woman of childbearing age in today's society. The book is designed to meet the needs of today's students through a clear, readable writing style and a more focused content presentation. Content carefully integrates the importance of understanding family, culture, and health promotion into the continuum of care. Maternity & Women's Health Care has comprehensive coverage of maternal, newborn, and women's health nursing care.

4. The Active Woman's Health and Fitness Handbook, by Nadya Swedan, from Perigee Trade
This comprehensive guide addresses women's concerns about the physical and psychological aspects of fitness-no matter what age or activity level. Written by a female athlete and doctor, it answers questions in many areas-from what health risks are associated with each sport or exercise, to what to do when your knee hurts after a jog, to what you can do to prevent osteoporosis. Nadya Swedan, M.D., is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist who provides non-surgical treatment of sports-related and musculoskeletal pain and injuries, especially in women.

5. The Woman's Book of Yoga and Health : A Lifelong Guide to Wellness, by Judith Hanson Lasater, Linda Sparrowe, Patricia Walden, Paperback, Publisher: Shambhala
This book is a comprehensive book about women's health issues and how to treat them with yoga. The authors offer a complete yoga program for general health as well as pose sequences that address specific health problems-all in the Iyengar tradition, which targets health needs more than other forms of yoga. For example, in the first part of the book, Patricia Walden has organized three chapters showing yoga poses with clear instructions that tell how to get into each pose and describe its benefits: chapter one is the Essential Sequence for all women, and includes modifications for people who cannot or should not do all the poses; chapter two is the Restorative Sequence for stress relief and relaxation; chapter three contains advanced poses that energize and tone. The second part is presented in four sections that broadly represent the stages of a woman's life: teen years and early twenties, later twenties and thirties, midlife, and wisdom years. Each section contains chapters offering specific information about a particular health issue from author Linda Sparrowe, as well as sequences of yoga poses from Patricia Walden that address the problem.

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