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Nutrition Books for Sport, Children, Dieting, General Facts

Nutrition Books for Sport, Children, Dieting, General Facts1. Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating, by Walter C. Willett, P. J. Skerrett, Paperback, Free Press
A National Bestseller Based on Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health Research. Dr. Walter Willett explains why the USDA guidelines, the famous food pyramid, are not only wrong but also dangerous. Debunking current dietary myths such as the evils of eggs and how high milk consumption does a body good, Dr. Willett sets an all-new nutritional standard. You'll discover: eye-opening new research on the healthiest carbohydrates, fats, and proteins; why weight control is the single most important factor; menu plans and recipes that make it easy to reinvent your daily diet.

2. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Total Nutrition, by Joy Bauer, Paperback, Publisher: Alpha
Gives you everything you need to know about eating healthy and staying fit for life. You'll feel confident reading nutrition labels, planning your meals and your shopping, and managing your weight.

3. The Family Nutrition Book: Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Your Children - From Birth through Adolescence, by William Sears, Paperback, Little, Brown
Sear's explains things very clearly and thoroughly while managing to make nutrition very interesting. It is easy to read and understand for almost all readers and ages.

4. The Yale Guide to Children`s Nutrition, by William Tamborlane, Paperback, Yale University Press
Over 100 physicians, dieticians, nurses, and social workers from the Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital worked together to produce this authoritative guide on children's nutrition which answers questions like: What is the healthiest diet for an infant? What constitutes a nutritious school lunch? How do I deal with my adolescent's eating needs and habits? Will my children receive proper nutrition if they are sick, very athletic, or vegetarians? This authoritative resource answers these and dozens of other questions, not only presenting the latest scientific knowledge about nutrition but also providing recipes from famous chefs for delicious and healthy dishes.

5. Healthy Foods, Healthy Kids: A Complete Guide to Nutrition for Children from Birth to Six-Year-Olds, by Elizabeth Ward, Paperback, Adams Media
The most up-to-date information parents can find! Parents know that healthy eating habits are important. But in today's fast-paced world, guiding children's food choices can be a full-time job! What's a busy parent to do? This book offers easy-to-follow guidelines for health-conscious parents and is packed with nutritional information critical to a young child's formative years. From a detailed look at sound food choices to helping establish a lifetime pattern of healthy living, this book has it all.

6. How to Teach Nutrition to Kids: An Integrated, Creative Approach to Nutrition Education for Children Ages 6-10, by Connie L. Evers, Paperback, Publisher: 24 Carrot
This excellent education and activity book is packed with nutrition education activities and strategies that are kid-tested and directly applicable by any parent, teacher or care-giver. Divided by subject, this resource effectively integrates nutrition into the classroom, cafeteria, and home environments. Features include guidelines for instilling positive food attitudes, the "F. I. B. " approach to nutrition education, how to make the "Food Guide Pyramid" and "Nutrition Facts" food labels meaningful to children, over 200 activities which integrate nutrition into language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Physical Education, food art creations children will love to make and eat, how to make the school cafeteria a center for nutrition education, and an extensive listing of current nutrition education resources. How To Teach Nutrition To Kids is innovative, imaginative, practical, and effective!

7. Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, by Monique Ryan, Paperback, Publisher: VeloPress
Monique Ryan distills nearly two decades of experience counseling athletes on their nutritional needs into this comprehensive yet accessible book. She discusses both general principles - useful for endurance athletes in any sport - as well as specific guidelines for those involved in triathlons, cycling, mountain biking, swimming, distance running, and more. The book's three sections cover the basics of building a healthy diet, training nutrition, and sports-specific nutrition. Including photos, charts, tables, appendixes with sample menus, shopping lists, vegetarian information, and much more, this book provides a detailed up-to-date guide to the nutritional needs of endurance athletes.

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