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Are you searching for an accredited K-12 homeschool in Alabama? Based in Florida, Adirondack Learning Academy (ALA) is an NCAA-approved home-school program provider that offers a comprehensive online curriculum for kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school students living in Alabama and throughout the U.S. High school seniors, on successful completion of the program, are awarded a homeschool diploma and an official transcript that states that they have completed the requirements for graduation in their state.

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Accreditation & Approval:

Photo of Accredited Online K12 School - Alabama & Nationwide• Adirondack Learning Academy is accredited by the National Independent Study Accreditation Council (NISAC).

• Adirondack Learning Academy courses are also NCAA-approved. With flexible scheduling and an engaging, interactive curriculum, we help athletes to achieve their college dreams.

Why Choose Adirondack Learning Academy?

  Positive Learning Environment
Adirondack Learning Academy is committed to providing a positive learning environment that encourages success through individualized instruction for homeschooling students. 

  Individual Coaching
Learning Coaches will keep track of and work with you to get your students everything they need to succeed.

  Putting Students First
Adirondack Learning Academy recognizes that each child is an individual and that all children need to feel successful in order to succeed.

•  Flexible, accredited online education to meet your in-home study needs
Anytime online access that appeals to today's tech-savvy kids.

Online Homeschool Programs for K-12 Students:

Image of Accredited Online K12 School - Alabama & NationwideWe use the Acellus Curriculum. Acellus is a curriculum that not only includes core and elective courses, but a diverse range of electives, assessment applications, and administrative tools to facilitate teaching and learning in an online environment.

Curriculum features include:
• Anytime online access
• Rigorous core, elective & career courses
• Complete online learning experience   
• Advanced Placement (AP) classes  
• College preparation assistance    
• Interactive digital content        
• Customizable, personal curriculum
• Homeschool diploma awarded on successful completion of the program

Student Reviews / Testimonials:

•  “I like that ALA is work based and not time based, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time for no reason. Once you complete your work you are done!”

•  “My classes work for me.  If I don't understand something, my teacher can give me a different assignment. I know I am still learning but the work is not as hard for me.”

•  “I have my own teacher who knows me and teaches me my courses so I always feel like I am learning.  My teacher makes my assignments interesting. I always want to do my school work!  I like that I can see my teacher and ask her questions whenever I need to."

Parent Testimonial:

•  "I am going to tell the story of what Adirondack Learning Academy has meant to me and my daughter. My daughter was enrolled in a middle school in which she was having trouble with bullying on a daily basis.  She has some health issues that require her to miss more school than the normal kid and the anxiety of the bullying made the health issues worse.  As a teacher, it was hard for me to comprehend the bullying she was facing.  No amount of trying to deal with the situation made it any different.  Her neurologist told me I should consider home school but I did not think I could manage to teach all day and then do it when I got home.  In March of her 7th grade year, I got so upset with the school that I started researching homeschooling.

I received an email and I was looking at the information but the phone call from Maryann is what made me sure I was looking at the right school.  She was so understanding and very thorough.  The program that is used for instruction is all online and is very thorough.  It can be done at her own pace and there is always someone there to assist if she needs it.  The curriculum is challenging, but not overly complicated,  and the fact that it requires a writing in all subjects is great.  All students need to be able to explain their thought processes to help them when they get into college.

After 1 1/2 years with Adirondack Learning Academy, I gave my daughter the option of going to the high school I teach at or continuing this program and she said that she preferred this program.  I think it is a wise choice for her because she will always have anxiety in the social situations and I would rather have her healthy at home than sick in regular school.  I recommend this program to anyone!  It is well worth it, it gave me my child back.  She went from being in a dark place to laughing and smiling again."

Tina, AL

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