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Adirondack Learning Academy - Accredited Homeschool Online Programs:
Are you searching for quality online homeschooling in the New York area? Adirondack Learning Academy (ALA) is an accredited provider of comprehensive, NCAA-approved online programs for homeschoolers in Kindergarten through 12th Grade. We teach K-12 students throughout NYC, New York State, nationwide, and internationally. Our Acellus Curriculum provides comprehensive, individualized programs to suit all students and learning styles. On successful completion of the program, high school seniors are awarded a homeschool diploma.

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Online K-12 Homeschool Programs:

Photo of Online Homeschool Programs in New York & Nationwide• Our rigorous core, elective and career-technical courses meet the needs of every student
• Engaging lessons hold your student’s interest and boost retention
• Interactive digital content makes learning more compelling and fun
• A complete online learning experience developed by top educators
• Customizable curriculum for more personalized student curriculum
• Student-driven assignments encourage responsibility and independence
• Anytime online access that appeals to today's tech-savvy kids.
• Common Core-aligned assessment and remediation ensures subject mastery.

Our highly skilled teachers support each student’s abilities to lead, learn and create. As a unique virtual learning academy, we design an educational model which emphasizes the strengths of each student.

By doing so, teachers and students work together on a goal directed path guaranteed to lead to success and the achievement of individual goals.

Differentiated Instruction:
Students learn in many different ways.  Some prefer visual experiences, some prefer hands-on classes, while others are more auditory learners.

At Adirondack, teaching to each student’s learning style is important. Studies have shown that students perform better on tests if their study habits fit their style of learning.

Graduation Requirements:
High school seniors must achieve passing grades in all their subjects if they are to be awarded a diploma from Adirondack Learning Academy.

Students need to complete 23.5 credits of academic and elective courses to earn a homeschool diploma.

Advanced Placement (AP Classes)
Image of Online Homeschool Programs in New York & NationwideAdvanced Placement programs are available in the following areas: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Fine Arts, and the Sciences.

Taught by highly-skilled teachers, these classes aim to develop independent thinking and cultivate a strong desire in each student for higher learning.

Individual / One-on-One College Preparation:
Throughout Grades 8-12, each student will have the opportunity for one-on-one sessions with their learning coach.

Students and parents will benefit from live webinars on topics such as college application assistance, financial aid application assistance, scholarship resources and college interview tips and strategies.

Skilled at easing the transition from high school to college, our staff has extensive experience in Photos of Adirondack Learning Academy - Accredited Homeschool Online Programswhat it takes to get you accepted at the college of your choice. 

Letters of recommendation are provided as is assistance in writing college application essays.

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