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English for Science & Nature

The following links are for a list of ESL English Environmental Terms:

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ESL Books:

We can recommend the following books for ESL purposes;

Scientific English : A Guide for Scientists and Other Professionals 2nd Edition by Robert A. Day

This book explains complex grammatical concepts in clear, uncomplicated language, illustrating how simple the communication process can be when one understands and follows a few basic rules. The author's forceful style, enjoyable wit, and direct coverage of each area of grammar make Scientific English a valuable and readable pocket guide and desk reference for the writers, editors, and students who want to communicate in the most concise manner possible.

Technical-Scientific Dictionary English-Spanish-English = Diccionario Técnico-Científico Inglés-Español-Inglés by Virgilio Gonzalez y Pozo

Comprehensive dictionary of scientific - technical terms. Fast and easy search function to translate from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.
Over 360,000 entries.
Over 180,000 entries English to Spanish.
Over 180,000 entries Spanish to English.

The CD provides the options to use the dictionary directly from the CD-ROM, or to install the dictionary to your computer's hard drive.

System requirements: Windows

Diccionario universal de términos técnicos-científicos. Fácil de usar. Conveniente función de búsqueda para traducir del español al inglés y del inglés al español.

Más que 360,000 entradas.
Más que 180,000 entradas del inglés al español.
Más que 180,000 entradas del español al inglés.
El CD tiene dos opciones: usar el diccionario directamente del CD-ROM, o instalar el diccionario al disco duro de la computadora.

Geology Terms in English and Spanish/Terminologia Geologica En Espanol E Ingles: Terminologia Geologica En Espanol E Ingles (Sunbelt Pocket Guide) by Henry Aurand

This pocket guide is a handy reference for describing physical science vocabulary in Spanish and English. It is a condensed compendium of commonly used geological terms meant primarily for field and casual use. It is not limited to technical terms but includes words from ordinary language that describe the earth. It is written to be used by both the armchair geologist and the seasoned professional. The convenient size makes it use friendly in the field. It is priced affordably and is the only book of its kind available today.