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Free Online Spanish Lesson for Travel / Hotels

Load time: 15 - 90 seconds depending on your modem speed. This lesson represents just 1 of 201 lessons on our interactive CD-ROM program.

Spanish for Travel / Hotels: The audio lesson contains expressions, and sentences that anyone staying at a hotel or guesthouse will find very useful. Not everyone in a hotel will be able to speak English or your own native language to you, and you will often be in situations where knowing a few basic sentences and requests will make your stay much more comfortable. Learn how to check into a hotel in Spanish and to express some basic needs that you will have at any hotel.

This lesson contains basic Spanish phrases such as:
- I have a reservation
- Do you accept travelers' checks?
- When is the checkout time?
- Where is the restaurant?
- Where is the laundromat? (self-service laundry)
and more...

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