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Learn Basic Spanish Words - Beginner Greetings & Phrases - Audio Lesson

Language Level: For Basic Beginners / Elementary Level Spanish

Vocabulary & Pronunciations in Spanish for Greetings, Responses & Farewells:

In the following Interactive Audio Spanish Lesson, you cover the following language areas:

- How to say greetings in Spanish such as - Hello, Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening.
- How to respond to greetings.
- Vocabulary for everyday life.
- You will learn words for farewells such as Goodbye, Thank you, Until tomorrow, and See you in Spanish.
- How to ask questions such as "How are you?" and "What is your name?" and their responses.
- Repeat the new words out loud, and practice.

Load time: 15 - 90 seconds depending on your internet connection speed.

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