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1st Conditional Tense - First Conditional Exercise in English

Compare the following two sentences:

A.  If you call me, I come.
B.  If you call me, I will come.

Both sentences seem to suggest that an action will take place, if a certain condition is met.
That's what they have in common.

There is a difference though in the way that sentence A seems to express a sort of general rule, a principle that the speaker adheres to.

In sentence B, the speaker merely states an intention (what is likely to happen).

We use the 1st Conditional in offers, suggestions, warnings and threats.

Examples: If we hurry (present simple), we will catch the bus.

If we miss it, there will be another one

Try the exercise below!

1. If I lose my job now, I ...
would start a business of my own.
will take a long holiday and apply for a new job later.

2. If he calls me 'lazy' again, I ...
won't ever help him again if he's in trouble.
go and tell his parents.

3. My sister won't ever speak to me again if ...
I let her down now.
I would let her down now.

4. If the demand increases, prices ...
will rise.

5. Our dog Boots will start licking you if ...
you pat him on the back.
you will give it a cuddle.

6. Don't be offended. If Jill is annoyed, she ...
will start yelling at people.
starts yelling at people.

7. If Robert doesn't answer the phone this time, I ...
won't call again.
don't call again.