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Gerund Phrase, Definition, Exercise - Infinitive Phrases

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Some verbs can be followed by an infinitive, a gerund or both. If both are possible, then there is usually a difference in meaning. Here is a list of some of these verbs
+Inf help, make, let
+ inf with to agree, appear, arrange, ask, attempt, choose, dare, decide, demand, deserve, expect, fail, grow, happen, hasten, help, hope, hurry, learn, long, make (passive), manage, neglect, offer, pay, plan, pledge, pretend, promise, refuse, resolve, seek, seem, struggle, swear, threaten, vow, want, wish
+ Gerund appreciate, avoid, burst out, can't stand, contemplate, delay, deny, detest, dislike, endure, enjoy, escape, excuse, face, fancy, feel like, finish, give up, involve, it's no good/use, keep on, leave off, mention, mind, miss, postpone, practise, put off, resent, risk, spend/waste time, suggest, want (coll.)
+ inf or gerund hear, see, watch
+ inf with to or gerund attempt, begin, can't bear, continue, forget, go on, hate, intend, love, mean, plan, prefer, propose, regret, remember, start, stop, try
+ object + inf with to or gerund admit, allow, consider, forbid, imagine, permit, require
+ object + to advise, assist, beg, bribe, command, dare, employ, enable, encourage, instruct, invite, lead, order, persuade, select, send, teach, tell, train, urge, warn
+ that + clause admit, advise, agree, appear, appreciate, arrange, decide, demand, deny, expect, fancy, forget, happen, hope, intend, learn, mean, mention, order, persuade, plan, pledge, pretend, promise, propose, regret, remember, resent, resolve, seem, suggest, swear, teach, tell, threaten, vow, warn, wish

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