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English - Language Learning SoftwareTeLL me More®, the world's leading software for language learning, is valued by users and teachers alike for its speech recognition technology and personalized language courses. TeLL me More® now has more than 5 million satisfied users worldwide. It covers all the skills to learn English: reading and writing, listening and speaking, English grammar, English vocabulary, and culture.

TELL ME MORE English - Language Learning Software

This new and improved Premium version offers significant innovations:
:: A new Complete Beginner level is now available
:: An Audio CD is included to reinforce your learning.
:: Possibility to export the audio content in the format of your choice: MP3 or Audio CD
:: Improved navigation and interface
This package includes now 4 levels in the same package: Complete Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced; an Audio CD, as well as a free headset and microphone.

You can install TeLL me More® English to receive the explanations (translations, grammar rules, etc.) in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Dutch. The packaging and user manual, however, are in English.

System Requirements (not compatible with Mac)


:: 850 hours of learning, the most extensive offer on the market for English software.
:: 4,500 exercises and 37 types of activities broken down into six workshops (Lesson, Cultural, Grammar, English Vocabulary, Oral and Written English)
:: 4 levels in one package: Complete Beginner, Beginner English, Intermediate and Advanced, to reach fluency in English.


Select between 3 distinct Lesson modes to best adapt the English lessons to your needs.
:: The Free-to-Roam Mode
allows you to select the activities of your choice.
:: The Guided Mode proposes Learning Paths according to your learning objectives and availability.
:: The Dynamic Mode evaluates your progress as you work and adjusts your activities based on the results of previous exercises.

:: Advanced speech recognition technology that recognizes and analyzes your pronunciation.
:: S.E.T.S.® technology (Spoken Error Tracking System) that automatically pinpoints your pronunciation errors.
:: 3D animations that help you improve your pronunciation.
:: Interactive Dialogues and Videos.