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CodaKid, Phoenix Metro Area:
If your child or teenager is interested in game design classes or learning to code, CodaKid may be the perfect solution for you! Located in Scottsdale AZ, CodaKid provides year-round after school programs and weekend classes for kids and teens ages 6-15. Our classes include Our classes include Minecraft Modding, Game App Development, Drone Programming, and more. In addition, we offer one-week summer and winter camps. Our knowledgeable and personable instructors are experts in their fields. They are experienced coders, technologists and game designers from leading universities and companies.

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Weekend & After-School Tech Programs:

Photo of After School Programs / Weekend Tech - Scottsdale AZMinecraft Modding: 4-Week Courses
Available after-school & Saturdays

Foundations of Modding - Ages 7 to 14
During this 4-week course, students learn the basics of Java coding, while learning how to modify (“mod”) the award-winning game Minecraft. They learn:

- How to mod Blocks
- How to mod a Pickaxe
- How to mod Ores
- How mod a Biome

Foundations of Game Design - Ages 6 to 10
In this 4-week course, our younger students learn Game Design concepts through Minecraft. They will also hone their Minecraft skills. They learn how to:

- Set up a Minecraft server
- Upload mods
- Master digital art tools
- Create 3D maps

Modding with Enemies - Ages 7 to 14
Learn intermediate Java concepts with Minecraft! In this 4-week course, students learn how to:

- Code a mob
- Give enemies special powers
- Change the look of enemies

It is necessary to have completed Foundations of Modding before enroling in this course.

Modding with Tools & Weapons - Ages 7 to 14Image of After School Programs / Weekend Tech - Scottsdale AZ
This 4-week course teaches intermediate Java concepts through the use of Minecraft. Students create their own custom mods from start to finish. Sample projects will include:
- Modding swords
- Modding bows and arrows
- Custom TNT and Nukes

Foundations of Modding is a prerequisite for this course.

3D Modeling and Animation: 4-Week Courses
Available after-school & Saturdays

3D Modeling
Using 3D Modeling Software Blender, students on this 4-week course design, model, and sculpt 3D objects. Sample projects will include:

- 3D Scene Design
- 3D Computer Design
- 3D Printing

3D Animation with Blender
Using 3D Animation Software Blender, students on this 4-week course create a variety of exciting character animations. Sample projects will include:

- Animating characters
- Creating your own animated short from start to finish
- Editing keyframes

Modding for Minecraft Code-a-thons - Ages 7 to 14
Photos of CodaKid, Phoenix Metro AreaRegularly offered on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30pm 

Code-a-thons are an excellent introduction to what we do at CodaKid! During our Code-a-thon events, our instructors prepare a fun Java coding challenge for participants.

While being mentored and given hands-on instruction from our coding instructors, each student works for two hours to create a new Mod for Minecraft.

While they are learning to code in Java, each participant is taught important programming skills, digital art techniques, and game design concepts.

After the class, the instructors email parents instructions detailing how students can install their mod at home.

Our Code-a-thon events are very popular so we recommend that you book early.

Summer Tech Camps - 1 Week Camps:
All camps are from 9am to 5pm from Monday through Friday.

• Minecraft Modding (ages 7-14)
• 3D Game Development with C++ (ages 9-15)
• Infinite Running App Development (ages 10-14)
• Arcade App Development (ages 10-14)
• Drone Programming (ages 8-15)
• 3D Game Design (ages 6-9)
• Tower Defense App Development (ages 10-15)
• Junior Minecraft Modding (ages 6-9)
• Minecraft Fundamentals (ages 7-14)
• Minecraft Modding & Dimensions (ages 9-14)

Additional Tech Programs:
CodaKid also provides private in-home tutoring, Winter tech camps, and online coding lessons.

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