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Scottsdale Christian Academy, Phoenix - Christian Programs from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade: - College Preparatory Curriculum with English, math, science, social studies, world languages (French, Chinese, Spanish), computer science, fine arts, physical education - Advanced Placement and Honors Courses - College Preparatory Courses PSAT, ACT and SAT - Early Childhood Education - Elementary...
Blessed Pope John XXIII Roman Catholic School, Scottsdale - Co-Ed Programs from Kindergarten Through 8th Grade: - Challenging academic program including mathematics, Language Arts, science, social studies, computers, physical education, Spanish, and an integrated Fine Arts program - Before and After School Extended Care - Elementary School - Middle School - Explorers Program with research-based assessments, progress...
The Scottsdale School - Preschool and Kindergarten Programs for Children From 2 to 6 Years: - After School Care - Onsite Enrichment Programs including dance, karate, yoga, Spanish, gymnastics, music and piano - Summer Camp
Thunderbird Adventist Academy, Scottsdale - Co-ed Christian Boarding High School Programs (Grades 9-12) - College Preparatory Curriculum with math, science, English, lab science, modern languages, history, fine arts, keyboarding skills, P. E. and a wide range of electives - Advanced Placement and Honors Courses - College Preparatory Courses SAT and ACT
Spondeo Preschool - - Toddler & Parent/ Caregiver Play Class - Half Day Preschool Programs - Full Day Preschool Programs - Extended Childcare - Individualized Montessori based Curriculum
Raising Arizona Preschool - Early Childhood Education Programs: - One Year Olds - Two Year Olds - Three to Four Year Olds - Bengindergarten (Pre-K, 4-5 Year Olds) - Summer Camp (ages 5-12) By providing children with a creative, stimulating environment – we encourage your child’s imagination while maintaining the high level of care and support you expect.
CodaKid, Phoenix Metro Area - After-School Tech Programs / Weekend Classes: - For Kids & Teens ages 6-15 Minecraft Modding Classes Available after-school & Saturdays - Foundations of Modding - Foundations of Game Design - Modding with Tools & Weapons - Modding with Enemies 3D Modeling and Animation Classes Available after-school &...