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Crossing Borders, Houston:
Located in Rice Village in south-central Houston TX (close to Downtown), Crossing Borders provides quality Spanish language immersion classes for children of all levels - from complete beginner to advanced learners. Courses include including Spanish immersion preschool, Spanish kindergarten, year-round Spanish classes, and Spanish summer / spring / winter camps. We also provide language immersion preschool programs in French, Mandarin Chinese, and English.

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Spanish Language Classes for Kids:
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Spanish Immersion Preschool Program (18 months - 5 years)
Participants in our Spanish language immersion preschool program enjoy the best of both worlds: high quality education and bilingualism.

Our students participate in traditional preschool activities with a teacher who delivers the majority of instruction in Spanish with minimal English support.

Students are able to learn Spanish the natural way, picking up words and phrases as they participate in engaging activities.

Spanish Kindergarten Program:
Image of Spanish Language Tutoring in Houston TXIn our kindergarten class, students are immersed in a dynamic Spanish language curriculum where they acquire social skills that will help them become fluent Spanish speakers. 

At this level, kids will able to read and write Spanish at their age-appropriate level. are key subjects that are reinforced in our classroom include language development, social and emotional development, physical development, and cognitive development (reading, writing, math, and science).

One-on-one / Private Spanish Lessons (for kids ages 5-12)
These classes offer a fun and social curriculum and gives your child the opportunity to have a more personal language immersion.

Our one-one one class will provide individual attention and a comfortable learning environment where students can converse and practice their speaking skills every day.

Our educated, native-speaking instructors bring only the best systems, tips, and tricks to help your child learn a new language.

We also offer semi-private classes (2-4 students). 

Virtual Spanish Classes (for kids ages 7-12)
Photos of Crossing Borders, HoustonOur virtual program is fun and social, and we focus on reading, writing, and conversational Spanish!

Our flexible schedule allows you to pick the best time and day for classes! Assessments will be given to students on the first lesson to ensure we are providing the student with the best lesson based on skill level.

Spanish Language Immersion Summer Camps:
• Spanish Summer Camp for Kids (for kids ages 4-12)
• Spanish Spring Break Camp (for kids ages 4-8)
• Winter Spanish Camp (for kids ages 4-12)

Parent Reviews / Testimonials:
•  “My son loves his teacher. She has a very energetic, playful, and pleasant personality that's what my child likes. He respects her and listen to her.

I have seen quite a bit improvement in my sons language writing and math skills ever since he has been with Ms. Rodriguez.”
Grace, Austin’s mom, 5 years old, Houston

•  “Maria has been wonderful with my four-year-old daughter she's encouraging patient and always kind and most importantly she always seems happy and wants to ensure that her children are learning and having fun.

She has always been responsible than her following up with us the parents and is always responsive to my questions she is wonderful!”

Avery, Noelle’s mom, 4 years old, Houston

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