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Frank Joseph ; from New York
(2016-12-14  21:51:37)
I received a PhD in Education and endorse COU. It troubles me to see it disparaged by some naysayers who never even took a course at COU. I'd like to share one of my responses here, hoping it will shed valuable light on the matter of accreditation and COU:

For the critics who have posted online in various places, why not take a course at COU before you judge. You could then write an article about your experience that would be based on reality instead of your preconceived notions about colleges that lack a certain stamp of approval (i.e., internationally accepted accreditation). Interestingly, such accreditation is often doled out by a group comprised predominantly of PhDs who have made a career of being "the sage on the stage" and are now being pulled (or more accurately forced) into the New Millennium of e-learning. Distance education (as practiced by COU) by itself can work extraordinarily well (and has for decades), as long as the learning is properly designed and implemented.

Accreditation that a major government recognizes (e.g., Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the USA) is a nice thing for an institution of higher learning to have, but COU doesn't have it. So, does that mean COU should be scoffed at? I don't think so -- in fact, I think it's ridiculous to put so much faith in accreditation. In the US, as I write this, Baylor University in Texas, which is duly accredited and certainly a fine university, is now under close scrutiny by the same body of sages that gave it its accreditation. It seems Baylor may be failing in an area that I believe has little if anything to do with the quality of its academics, yet Baylor's accrediting body is reportedly investigating their campus nonetheless.

If interested, you can do a search online of Baylor's current accreditation challenge and thereby gain some insight into what accreditation entails. Perhaps then you may understand why an institution (especially those focused primarily on academics) may choose to avoid accreditation, especially if they can make a go of it without the perplexing, apparently non academic entanglements that accreditation seems to require.

I'll close by saying COU has been around for quite some time, they do a more than decent job of educating their students in my humble opinion, and a self-motivated student can succeed remarkably at COU (and thereafter) compared to an unmotivated student at an Ivy League university. Accreditation doesn't affect much of anything when it comes to learning, but -- from a marketing perspective -- it sure is a nice thing to have in a world where labels mean so much to the average consumer.

The question I think COU has very likely grappled with is whether getting and maintaining accreditation from an internationally recognized body is worth the time, money and ongoing involvement with the accrediting body. That said, it would be nice for COU to acquire the kind of accreditation that would put the naysayers to rest, especially those who appear to have been brainwashed into believing labels are everything.
Gary Hoover, Ph.D ; from Hilo, Hawaii
(2014-10-14  11:09:16)
 (Highly Recommended)
I earned my MA and PhD at COU which have been accepted globally for research positions and professorship appointments at universities in Korea and in China.
The theoretical work that I researched for my degrees serves as a foundation in consulting and developing new studies related to other academic areas.
COU holds learners to high academic standards and sets the learner free to seek the truth whereas nationalized schools in Asia or the US tend to be rather egocentric to proving their world views.
The COU degree is a degree you can trust BUT you get out of it what you put into it... Seek truth persistently and show the world your academic skills.
Since graduating from COU I have attended courses at several US Universities and have earned a 4.0 in every course in these US schools. COU has better organized distance learning and the cost is much more reasonable... But COU requires that you are an enthusiastic, goal oriented learner that remains dedicated to the rigor and challenges of academia. For more info contact me:
Linda Judd ; from Sacramento, California, USA
(2011-09-11  14:50:37)
Excellent course on Sports Management. COU "hit the road running!" The theory is there, but the practical application of the theory is also there, getting you immediately involved in the learning process.
Bernardo van Heerden-Baez ; from South Africa
(2011-06-05  04:18:09)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have been a post graduate student with COU for some time,still am, and I highly recommend COU if you are looking for INDEPENDENT STUDY / SELF-PACED /AUTONOMY. COU is more for the individual who is engaged in life's normal day-to-day challenges and race and needs to plan his/her own study time and pace,yet with COU high standards and broad subject exposure and coverage. In short I found COU practise to be : ("aut disce aut discede"
Either learn or leave ) for me !!! I recommend COU if you are not for the "FLOCK OF SHEEP" infrastructure.
Louise M. Romero ; from Spain
(2011-05-03  05:18:48)
I have completed a MBA degree program. I pursued other courses and the best approach to distance education is provided by Commonwealth Open University. COU is an institution where value is created for those with a goal.
Rachel Ogola
(2011-03-09  13:26:07)
I will not hesitate to recommend the University to friends and colleagues looking to do distance learning. I expect to complete the MSc in Environmental Sciences course work this May.
Christopher Corbin
(2011-03-06  07:09:51)
 (Highly Recommended)
I found COU to be very professional and responsive to student needs to ensure that the student made progress. I continue to be impressed with the focus of the course assignments and the efficient administration that COU provides.
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