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Culinary Arts Schools & Colleges

Examples of schools & colleges in this education category:
Paris, France
Alain Ducasse Education, Paris - Professional Culinary Arts Programs: • Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts: 3-year program (in English & French, with two 5-month internships) • Culinary Arts Diploma: 5-month skills-building + 3-month internship in a French restaurant (taught in English & French) • Superior Culinary Arts Diploma: 3-month skills-building + 3-month...
Agde, France
Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy - 1-Month Gourmet Certificate Programs: - Pastry & Cooking 8-week or 12-week Gastronomic Certificate Programs: - French Pastry - French Cooking Combined with intensive French language lessons Gastronomic + Internship Program: - 12-week Gastronomic Program plus 4-month internship in a French hotel/restaurant Cooking Diploma...