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Elementary, Middle & High School in Istanbul

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Keystone International Schools, Istanbul (Camlıca) - Elementary, Middle & High School programs:
This information is specifically for our Elementary, Middle and High School Education programs - taught entirely in English. Located in the scenic area of Kucuk Camlica in the Uskudar district on the Asian (Eastern) side of Istanbul, Keystone International Schools (KIS) provides a holistic educational environment for international children of expat families. We provide Elementary School (Grades 1-4), Middle School (Grades 5-8), and High School (Grades 9-12) programs in our Çamlıca campus.

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International Education Programs:
Photo of Elementary, Middle & High School in IstanbulTaught entirely through English.

• International Primary / Elementary School for Grades 1, 2, 3, & 4.

• International Middle / Intermediate School for Grades 5, 6, 7 & 8.

• International High School for Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12.

• All students up to Grade 9 learn French as a second language.

• Preschool / Kindergarten programs at two campus locations
- in Kucuk Camlica (central Uskudar district on the Asian/east side of Istanbul)
- in Dragos (Kartal district on the Asian side of Istanbul).

• International Elementary School (Grades 1 - 4)
Image of Elementary, Middle & High School in IstanbulThe goals of elementary / primary school education at KIS are to encourage and support children to develop the skills which will help them to be able to respond with critical awareness to various forms of the arts, as well as develop the skills to use mathematical and scientific concepts to think, learn, and communicate effectively, and to apply appropriate information technologies for problem solving. Built into the elementary school curriculum is the dedicated focus of teaching children to pursue active and healthy lifestyles. 

In the elementary grades, classes are brought alive through vivid characterizations and absorbing activities lead by the teacher that heighten students’ curiosity, and engage them intellectually and emotionally in the subject and learning experience.

Throughout the year, as the class teacher and students grow to know and understand each other, the rapport and security of these relationships enhances your child's learning, confidence, and social and emotional skills.

Students engage in group reading and fun and critical discussion as well as learn about the world around them in Social Studies and Science. They work on group projects while enhancing their listening and speaking skills. Mathematical skills are challenged with word problems, and they come to understand that Math is part of their everyday lives.

Throughout elementary school, KIS students also develop a love for learning and gain the confidence needed to progress and face new challenges awaiting them in the Middle School years.

• International Middle School / Intermediate (Grades 5 - 8)
Photos of Keystone International Schools, Istanbul (Camlıca) - Elementary, Middle & High School programsOur middle school curriculum and programs are designed to meet the unique educational, social and emotional needs of young adolescents - encouraging them to broaden their interests through positive kinds of expression, which include the study and writing of poetry, literature and biographies.

The goal of the middle school concept is that students gain a real sense of heightened intellect and emotional stability to prepare them for moving into high school.

Middle school involves a group of teachers of different disciplines working together as a team with the same group of students of the same grade level. Through small class sizes, students receive a greater amount of one-on-one attention.

Middle school students are encouraged to think critically, inquire, hypothesize and experiment through hands-on science experiments as well as philosophize on the world and challenges around them. Students also engage in a wide variety of activity lessons such as art, drama, music, and gym.

Important opportunities for taking personal responsibility and for showing leadership are encouraged. Discussions of the responsibilities and the self-discipline needed for independence and effective leadership in life take place throughout the intermediate school years.

• International High School (Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12)

Picture of Elementary, Middle & High School in IstanbulKeystone International High School students follow a Canadian curriculum and graduate with an international high school diploma recognised by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

Since 2019, our Keystone schools in Istanbul and Toronto have collaborated to offer our high school students the option of also obtaining a Canadian online high school diploma.

By 9th grade, our high school students have the opportunity to register for online courses at our Keystone Toronto school. They may complete the assignments and take the exams for these courses in Istanbul.

If the courses are completed successfully and other necessary requirements for graduation are met, students obtain a Canadian high school diploma.

This enables our students to apply to Canadian Universities in the same way a Canadian student does, allowing them easier access to the world's third most successful educational system.

At KIS, our high school students discover new capacities for forming independent judgments and for critical thinking. Students read classics, explore scientific concepts and learn to debate ethical issues in science, history, economics and literature. High school students engage in mathematical reasoning, conduct hands-on lab experiments, and write poetry. 

Images of Keystone International Schools, Istanbul (Camlıca) - Elementary, Middle & High School programsOur small class sizes ensure that each high school student is attended to, valued and challenged - resulting in a truly unique education, designed to the needs and personality of each student. Our teachers present demanding, open-ended topics that encourage students to observe, analyze, compare, question, create, and imagine alternatives.

Post-high school planning and support at KIS empowers each student with the resources to assess his/her own career interests and capacities, and to think independently about the direction of his/her life after high school. College advisors and guidance counselors are available to provide resources which encourage each student to make the best possible choice for his/her immediate life after graduation - whether deciding on a best university or college, or trade or new work opportunity in Turkey or abroad.

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Address: Mahallesi Gülhan Sk. No:1/1 PK: 34660, Kucuk Camlica, Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey
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