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Mandarin Chinese Courses in Shenzhen, Zhuhai & Chengdu

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Hanbridge Mandarin, Shenzhen, Chengdu & Zhuhai:
Located in Shenzhen, Hanbridge Mandarin has grown to become one of the most prestigious Mandarin language schools in China. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping people of all ages, from beginners to the advanced learn Chinese. We specialise in Chinese education both online and offline, and by focusing on students’ individual needs, we tailor classes to ensure that students learn all the necessary skills to succeed, whether that be in daily communications, social situations, cultural awareness, or business in China. Hanbridge Mandarin serves as a bridge connecting the Chinese language and culture with the rest of the world.

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Photo of Mandarin Chinese Courses in Shenzhen, Zhuhai & ChengduChinese Immersion Course

Make fast progress in Chinese:
Learn in one or two weeks what takes months in other programs. Our immersive approach fast-tracks language proficiency, ensuring quick, measurable results.Day-to-day on-campus lessons complemented by real-life situational practice outside the classroom.Practical and real-world language usage is our primary focus, providing a holistic learning experience.

Flexible Immersion Schedule:
Courses tailored to various proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced. Choose from five, ten, or twenty-day schedules, with options for fixed group lessons or personalized one-on-one instruction.

Acvivities and Tours:
Hanbridge will offer activities designed to introduce some aspect of Chinese cultImage of Mandarin Chinese Courses in Shenzhen, Zhuhai & Chengduure to our students as well providing authentic opportunities to activate our student’s new language skills. Activities include calligraphy, Chinese film viewings, Chinese cooking lessons and visits to local cultural exhibitions and attractions such as the Shenzhen Museum or the Chinese cultural folk village. A larger weekend trip will also be made available as an optional extra. Such trips include visits to local cities like the provincial capital Guangzhou or the Hakka city Huizhou, with its famous West Lake and pagoda.

Accommodation Choices:
Select between staying in a hotel or experiencing a homestay with a Mandarin-speaking Chinese family.

2024 Summer Camp in Chengdu 
• 1st July - 14th JuPhotos of Hanbridge Mandarin, Shenzhen, Chengdu & Zhuhaily
• 15th July - 28th July
• 29th July - 11th August 

What's in the program:
• Immersive Chinese Classes 
Campers will participate in small groups where they receive individualized instruction and attention. Lessons are tailored to fit the participants’ language levels and interests. Through the activity classes, campers get tons of practice of Chinese in games, outdoor activities and local life experience. They will also participant in a Chinese drama play and perform on the last day of the camp. 
• Culture Classes
Our Summer Camp introduces participants to a variety of traditional Chinese cultural activities like calligraphy, painting, paper cutting art, Chinese dance, music instruments etc.  

• HanbridPicture of Mandarin Chinese Courses in Shenzhen, Zhuhai & Chengduge Night 
Each evening, our young learners come together for a night of fun and learning, as they participate in a variety of engaging activities. From idioms performing 
to board games, creating a night market, testing their language skills in dubbing competitions, and ending the night with a vibrant dancing party, etc., Hanbridge Night promises an unforgettable and educational experience. It's the perfect blend of education and entertainment, where your child can make lifelong memories while enhancing their language skills. 

• Amazon Tours
Campers can get close to the super cute national treasure giant panda and have a panda breeder experience with activities such as making panda food and feeding pandas yourselvImages of Hanbridge Mandarin, Shenzhen, Chengdu & Zhuhaies. They will also visit the largest and tallest stone Buddha statue in the world—Leshan Giant Buddha and Chengdu Museum to explore more of Chinese culture and history.

• Interaction With the Locals 
Experience what the locals do and talk to the locals by visiting local tearooms, exploring the local morning market, playing Mahjong, enjoying Sichuan hotpot and learning to cook with locals, and appreciating the Opera Face Changing performance, including dressing-up in traditional Opera costumes. There are also outbound activities where the campers and their local peers play games together and do group challenges. This is a great chance for them to practice Chinese, build cross-cultural communication skills, and  make friends.

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HSK Test Preparation 

Hanbridge Mandarin offers one of the leading HSK preparations courses with an exceptional record of student pass rates.
Native teachers with expertise in HSK examinations will assist your journey to achieving HSK certification and speed your progress to Chinese Mandarin Proficiency.

• Personalized HSK lessons tailored towards your existing level.
• Online and onsite training sessions.
• Around the clock schedule and online booking within your account. 
• Accelerate your vocabulary, listening and writing knowledge.
• Large database of content regarding HSK from level 1 – 6.
• Free service for students to register the HSK test

Business Mandarin Classes:
The course is particularly designed for busy professionals of all levels who need to acquire practical communication skills in Mandarin no matter you already have basic communication skills in mandarin or just beginner. 
• Learn how to facilitate better communication between yourself and Chinese-speaking businesses, suppliers and clients.
• Gain a better understanding of Chinese business culture and learn to use common business vocabulary.
• ​​​Advance your career and expand your influence by learning to communicate with one of the world’s largest fastest growing economies.

Chinese Culture Classes:

• Culinary Arts
• Traditional Chinese Art
• Chinese Tea
• Chinese History & Literature
• Chinese Philosophy and Folk Customs
• Living & Fengshui
• Chinese Painting
• Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health Medicine
• Chinese Calligraphy

Regular / General Mandarin Chinese Programs:
These courses are designed to give students practical communication skills in Mandarin, as needed in everyday life to handle various social and daily situations.

The program is available at different levels from beginner with zero mandarin to advanced students who want to continue their mandarin study so they can communicate like native Chinese.

• Beginner Level (I , II & III)
You are going to learn basic mandarin and will be able to interact and communicate in a simple way.

You are ready to provide and exchange personal data and basic information clearly. You will also be able to describe daily routine and common tasks. 

Basic and essential structures of mandarin will be taught for further studies at this stage. Some characters are also introduced to enable students to recognize important signs and notices.

Topics include shopping, visiting a bank or post office, ordering at a restaurant, going to a laundry shop and beauty/ barber shop, requesting information, traveling, talking on the phone, invitations to various social events, etc.

• Intermediate Level (I, II & III)
Your spoken language and listening comprehension will be developed at this stage. Grammar and the written language will be focused upon.
We will also begin to cultivate spoken language fluency. You'll be able to produce simple texts that include descriptions of events and situations, hopes and desires. 

You'll learn to provide explanations and reasons for your action. You'll be able to explain your opinions or point of view clearly.

• Advanced Level (I, II & III)
At this level, students will develop more sophisticated linguistic proficiency using various study materials, selected according to student’s needs and desires. 

Newspapers, magazines articles, TV, and radio programs are used in the classrooms for discussion.

You are able to communicate fluently to express your point of view, you'll learn to handle vocabulary for specific contexts and for social, academic and professional purposes.

• Superior Level (I, II & III)
At this stage you'll able to distinguish different shades of meaning. You will learn to be fluent or spontaneous in the use of the language in complex situations.

You can learn extensive grammar points encapsulating a wide variety of topics and opinions. You'll learn to present your ideas in a professional manner. You will be talking like a native speaker.

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