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Hanbridge Mandarin, Shenzhen, Chengdu & Zhuhai:
Situated in the vibrant city of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province in Southern China, Hanbridge Mandarin offers beginner to advanced level Chinese language immersion programs to students from around the world. Study options include Group Chinese, Private Chinese lessons, on-location tutoring (in your home or office), and online / virtual Chinese classes. We also have language schools in Chengdu and Zhuhai.

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Group, Intensive & Customized Mandarin Chinese Courses:
- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Superior Levels

Study options include private lessons, group classes, and on-location Chinese tutoring (where our tutor comes to you). Courses are also available via our online learning platform.

Photo of Mandarin Chinese Courses in Shenzhen, Zhuhai & ChengduHanbridge 'Popular' Chinese Courses:
• Regular / General Mandarin Chinese Programs
• Business Chinese Courses
• Daily Chinese Courses
• HSK Test Preparation
• Chinese Course for Kids
• Chinese Course for Teenagers
• AP (Advanced Placement) Chinese Language and Culture

Hanbridge 'Featured' Chinese Courses:
• Industry-Specific Courses
• Chinese Phonetics
• Chinese Characters
• Chinese Speaking
• Chinese Grammar
• Chinese Listening
• Chinese Reading

Chinese Culture Courses:
Image of Mandarin Chinese Courses in Shenzhen, Zhuhai & Chengdu• Culinary Arts
• Traditional Chinese Art
• Chinese Tea
• Chinese History & Literature
• Chinese Philosophy and Folk Customs
• Living & Fengshui
• Chinese Painting
• Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health Medicine
• Chinese Calligraphy

Hanbridge 'Special' Chinese Programs:
• Full Chinese Immersion Course
• Internship (Work Placement) Program
• Chinese Immersion Summer Camp (for adults, teenagers and young children ages 8+ - in Shenzhen and Chengdu only)

Regular / General Mandarin Chinese Programs:
These courses are designed to give students practical communication skills in Mandarin, as needed in everyday life to handle various social and daily situations.

The program is available at different levels from beginner with zero mandarin to advanced students who want to continue their mandarin study so they can communicate like native Chinese.

• Beginner Level (I , II & III)
You are going to learn basic mandarin and will be able to interact and communicate in a simple way.

Photos of Hanbridge Mandarin, Shenzhen, Chengdu & ZhuhaiYou are ready to provide and exchange personal data and basic information clearly. You will also be able to describe daily routine and common tasks. 

Basic and essential structures of mandarin will be taught for further studies at this stage. Some characters are also introduced to enable students to recognize important signs and notices.

Topics include shopping, visiting a bank or post office, ordering at a restaurant, going to a laundry shop and beauty/ barber shop, requesting information, traveling, talking on the phone, invitations to various social events, etc.

• Intermediate Level (I, II & III)
Your spoken language and listening comprehension will be developed at this stage. Grammar and the written language will be focused upon.
We will also begin to cultivate spoken language fluency. You'll be able to produce simple texts that include descriptions of events and situations, hopes and desires. 

You'll learn to provide explanations and reasons for your action. You'll be able to explain your opinions or point of view clearly.

• Advanced Level (I, II & III)

At this level, students will develop more sophisticated linguistic proficiency using various study materials, selected according to student’s needs and desires. 

Newspapers, magazines articles, TV, and radio programs are used in the classrooms for discussion.

You are able to communicate fluently to express your point of view, you'll learn to handle vocabulary for specific contexts and for social, academic and professional purposes.

• Superior Level (I, II & III)
At this stage you'll able to distinguish different shades of meaning. You will learn to be fluent or spontaneous in the use of the language in complex situations.

You can learn extensive grammar points encapsulating a wide variety of topics and opinions. You'll learn to present your ideas in a professional manner. You will be talking like a native speaker.

Business Mandarin Classes:

The course is particularly designed for busy professionals of all levels who need to acquire practical communication skills in Mandarin no matter you already have basic communication skills in mandarin or just beginner. 

Intensive Chinese Course with Homestay
Picture of Mandarin Chinese Courses in Shenzhen, Zhuhai & ChengduThe Hanbridge intensive program is ideal for anyone visiting China for two weeks or more who wishes to study Chinese and experience the culture as well.

At twenty hours per week, classes will take place in the mornings from Monday to Friday. After four hours of classes each day there will be break for lunch during which you can visit one of the many fantastic local eateries.

Then, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, Hanbridge will offer an activity designed to introduce some aspect of Chinese culture to our students as well providing authentic opportunities to activate our student’s new language skills.

Activities include calligraphy, Chinese film viewings, Chinese cooking lessons and visits to local cultural exhibitions and attractions such as the Shenzhen Museum or the Chinese cultural folk village.

A larger weekend trip will also be made available as an optional extra. Such trips include visits to local cities like the provincial capital Guangzhou or the Hakka city Huizhou, with its famous West Lake and pagoda.

Students may wish to visit one of Shenzhen’s beaches, Xiao Mei Sha or Da Mei Sha or climb Shenzhen’s biggest mountain, Wu Tong Shan. All trips can be organized and co-ordinate from the school itself and accompanied by one of our staff if they are required.

Chinese Immersion Course:
Images of Hanbridge Mandarin, Shenzhen, Chengdu & ZhuhaiImmersion Program - “The Hanbridge way is your way”. The aim of our immersion program at Hanbridge Mandarin School is to achieve your goals in a short period of time, learn in just two weeks what other lessons are aimed at developing.in a fun, active and dynamic environment. 

The emphasis will be on practical (real world) language usage; with student focused classes and special attention given to individual needs and abilities, in order to cultivate confidence and fluency swiftly.

A diverse range of teaching techniques will be implemented including multi-media, role-plays, games and outward-bound activities - as well as more formal learning techniques - in order to get the best from our students, as we at Hanbridge believe every student learns in a different way but all are capable of learning Mandarin.

The Hanbridge immersion programis suitable for anybody wanting to dive right into Chinese Language and Culture and get results.

Our teaching philosophy is simple: There is no such thing as a bad student. With our professional staff, trained in the cutting-edge of language teaching techniques, we trust you will find our approach modern and inspiring.

We have absorbed ideas from different cultures and all quarters of the globe in order to insure that the Hanbridge way is your way.

Chinese Summer Camp for Kids, Teens, Young Adults & Families:
Available at our Shenzhen and Chengdu schools, Hanbridge provides 10-day summer camp programs are designed for kids, teens, and young adults ages 8-25 and their families.

Our camps help children to learn Chinese via playing games, video and songs, and discussing fun topics.

Age Groups:
• Ages 8-12 for children
• Ages 13-17 for teens
• Ages 18-25 for young adults

Camp Options:
• Day Camp Options
• Chinese Homestay Summer Camp
• Chinese with Dormitory Option
• Summer Camp for Families

We also offer general summer Mandarin courses and vacation programs for adults, seniors & travel groups. Contact us for more information.

Student Testimonials:
•  "My teachers are great, wonderful. I just wish the teachers will use more of the vocabulary/sentence pattern that I previously learned in the News classes. Also, when I learn a new word I hope the teachers can give me few sentence examples too."
Ayaka, Canada

•  "My teacher Clarice is excellent, great pace and focus of lesson about daily courses, helps me get further without stress, encourages me all the way. The timing works for me. I have recommended Hanbridge to several friends and clients, and hope something good comes of it. Many thanks!"
Charlotta, Australia

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